With all the speculation about who’s gonna die on The Vampire Diaries, this new character poster has us a bit concerned…

TV Line has released this new season 4 sweeps poster, and considering just a few hours ago we posted a quote by Nina Dobrev saying that a huge tragedy would be striking Mystic Falls, we think this could potentially be very bad news for Damon fans!

Vampire Diaries Damon rope

Why does Damon have a rope around his neck?! The caption reads: “Give him enough rope…” which could obviously allude to him needing his freedom, or maybe to the fact that he’ll be risking his own life. Perhaps sacrificing himself for Elena?

What do you think? Would the writers actually kill off Damon? Or could we be looking at a reversal of the season 3 finale, in which Elena died only to wake up as a vampire – perhaps this time, Damon will be killed as a vampire, but he’ll have unwittingly ingested the cure beforehand, and wake up as a human?!

Share your thoughts in the comments. Don’t forget that you can also discuss The Vampire Diaries and all the other fandoms we cover on the site over on the Hypable forums. And if you haven’t yet, check out our podcast Vampire Hype, which discusses each new episode of The Vampire Diaries as they air!

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