11:40 am EDT, September 12, 2019

New ‘Last Christmas’ trailer still has us curious about Henry Golding’s character

A new trailer for Last Christmas is here, and it still has us wondering what is going on with Henry Golding’s character.

When Last Christmas dropped its first trailer, the internet was abuzz, wondering what was going on with Henry Golding’s character. After all, his character seemed to walk around in largely the same outfit in every scene he was in, a simple sweater and a trenchcoat.

Was Golding’s character a sexy ghost, here to teach Emilia Clarke’s character an important, holiday lesson? Was he an angel, here to show Clarke’s character the importance of valuing her life? Or was he just a really sexy guy who had a pretty basic closet that was embarking on a holiday romance?

Well, a new trailer for Last Christmas just arrived, and we regret to inform you that there is still no definitive answer. So while we’re still trying to decide if the movie has a supernatural element or if we just jumped to wild conclusions after the first trailer, we’re still really excited for the new trailer.

In this new look at Last Christmas, we focus quite a bit more on Clarke’s character. We get to see a bit more about her background and her life before everything changed the year before.

In Last Christmas, Clarke’s character Kate seems to be a pro at making bad decisions. And even after a life-threatening illness, she still seems to be making bad choices and not paying close attention to maintaining her health.

Though she had a goal of becoming a famous singer, it seems that she’s further away from achieving her goals than ever. We even get a glimpse of one of her auditions, and her talents don’t exactly blow the judges away.

However, when she meets Tom at her less-than-perfect job as an elf at a Christmas store, her life seems to take a turn for the better. The two keep having chance encounters, and he seems too good to be true (COULD IT BE BECAUSE HE IS A GHOST OR AN ANGEL? WHO KNOWS?!). But Tom and Kate quickly take to one another, and she begins to gain a new perspective on life and love.

This movie looks so adorable, and we’re so excited to celebrate the holiday season with Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding. Last Christmas also stars Michelle Yeoh and Emma Thompson and features the iconic music of George Michael.

You can catch the holiday romance for yourself and finally learn the truth about Golding’s character when Last Christmas opens in movie theaters everywhere on November 8.

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