Iron Man 3’s trailer teaser was released yesterday, and now we have new stills from the full trailer and some additional plot details from Marvel’s President of Production.

Marvel’s President of Production, Kevin Feige, recently sat down with USA Today for an interview in which he reveals quite a few plot details about Marvel’s next film Iron Man 3. He also brought along four new stills from the trailer that will be released tomorrow and a teaser poster for the new film.

First we see Pepper holding one of the various Iron Man masks in a heap of rumble, which can only be what’s left of Tony Stark’s cliff-side mansion after it is [spoiler] blown up.

Iron Man 3 Mask

“Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) is left to survey the damage caused when the Mandarin attacks Tony in a very personal manner in Iron Man 3.”

Next, we see Pepper embracing Tony while suited up, but from what we’ve seen in the trailer teaser, Tony’s personal life appears to take a terrible turn when Pepper is taken by the enemy and possibly tortured.

Iron Man 3 holding Pepper

“The connection between Tony Stark and Pepper Potts began in the two previous Iron Man movies and grew even more in The Avengers, and the new film will be filled with trials and tribulations. Potts plays a big part in this film.”

Tony Stark obviously has a new suit in this film, which you can see again in the image below, and looks have some new Stark tools at his disposal (the headgear).

Iron Man 3 Tony Stark

“The goal with Iron Man 3 is to again prove that all of our single heroes are as interesting alone as they are when they’re all together in an Avengers movie.”

Last but certainly not least, we see Tony in his new Mark XLVII armor, which fans were a bit worried about when we saw it back at Comic-Con 2012, but we have to say – it looks quite good here and in the trailer teaser. We’ll have to wait pass judgement when the full trailer hits tomorrow.


“Seven Iron Man suits in total have been seen in two Iron Man movies and The Avengers, but the all-new one in Iron Man 3 represents the most advanced version yet – particularly in how Tony Stark suits up.”

According to USA Today’s interview, Stark has revolutionized the way he can suit up in the next Iron Man film. We’ve seen him progress from having to stand still for minutes at a time and have the armor attached in the first film, to seeing the suit fly on to him guided by a tech-bracelet in The Avengers. Feige says that, “Now we see he’s invented a technology that allows him to basically have the suit arrive to him anywhere at any time, piece by piece, and it doesn’t always work at first.”

We also get our first good look at Sir Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin, thanks to Entertainment Weekly:

The Mandarin Sir Ben Kingsley Iron Man 3

As for why the Mandarin wasn’t cast as a Chinese actor, like in the comics, Feige says that, “It’s less about his specific ethnicity than the symbolism of various cultures and iconography that he perverts for his own end.”

Finally, we have a teaser poster for Iron Man 3, with Tony standing among all of his suit creations, appearing to ready himself to be assembled.

Iron Man 3 Teaser Poster

Click to enlarge


Another trailer teaser has been released, be sure to check out Guy Pearce’s first appearance.

Iron Man 3’s full theatrical trailer will be released tomorrow, so be sure to check back then where we’ll get a real look at Marvel’s new film. Iron Man 3 hits theaters May 3, 2013.

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