12:00 pm EST, March 5, 2013

Second ‘Iron Man 3’ theatrical trailer released!

The second official Iron Man 3 trailer has just been released online. Watch the exciting new footage of Marvel’s next Iron Man movie which hits theaters on May 3.

We’ve seen the first official Iron Man 3 trailer, a Super Bowl teaser, and now we have Iron Man 3‘s second theatrical trailer below thanks to Yahoo! Movies.

The second trailer for Iron Man 3 gives us some incredible new looks of the many new suits that Tony Stark has assembled. One suit which is featured at the end looks to be the Hulkbuster armor that we saw concept art of just last week. We also hear the U.S. President say, “When you elected me, I made you a promise that I would protect this nation at any cost.” He goes on to say that, “The Mandarin must be stopped.”

Iron Man 3 the mandarin newThe film’s villain, the Mandarin, played by Sir Ben Kingsley, is featured in the trailer once again and says that we’ll “never see him coming.” He is also heard telling Tony Stark that he’s going to offer him a choice: Does he wish to have an empty life or a worthy death?

Stark then says The Mandarin is not a man, just a maniac, and Tony will be looking for “good old fashioned revenge.” He says later in the trailer that “his friends just arrived.” This of course means much more as his army of drones arrive at the end of the trailer in an epic showdown of man and machine.

We also get a glimpse of many people being locked up in what looks like what we saw Pepper Potts, played by Gwyneth Paltrow, locked into in the original trailer. They’re most likely receiving the Extremis virus, or possibly being held captive.

Iron Man 3 Tony Stark trailer image

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According to the official synopsis, Stark’s personal life will be “destroyed” and in this second trailer we certainly see Stark being pushed to the brink of insanity due to The Mandarin destroying everyone he knows and loves. Tony appears to be on a quest that will test him mentally and physically, but most importantly he’ll be attempting to answer an intriguing question: “Does the man make the suit or does the suit make the man?” The Mandarin appears to test Tony’s will in this final film.

“Today is the first day of what’s left of your life”
 – The Mandarin

We see Stark’s mansion being blown to bits again, and this time we see his helmet shooting to his face just as the house begins to slip into the the ocean below his cliffside mansion. Aldrich Killian also makes an appearance, and then we see the sequence of Air Force One being blown up and Iron Man attempting to rescue the people on board. Pepper also seems to be very involved in the next film, and we wouldn’t be surprised if she shows up in a suit of her own to help protect Tony.

Iron Man 3 new trailer Pepper Potts

We also get a good look at the Rhodey in the Iron Patriot armor saluting the President, which we’ve recently seen in the official poster released by Marvel. Stark’s trusted friend Rhodey, played by Don Cheadle, is again wearing the suit in an attempt to aid Stark in destroying the film’s villain – the Mandarin – protecting the President and retrieving Pepper from captivity. The red, white, and blue suit still looks impressive in the trailer and we can’t wait to see it on the big screen. He also does a bit more in this trailer, even battling at one point.

Iron Man 3 KillianGuy Pearce shows up again as Aldrich Killian in the second trailer. He works with Maya Hansen (Rebecca Hall), a friend of Stark’s from the comic, and she and Killian happen to be working on a new program funded by the government. The program involves using nanotechnology to recreate the Super-Soldier serum seen in Captain America, which melds with the brain and forces the body to rebuild itself.

We have a feeling this serum will play a pivotal role in this film after seeing Stark use the ability to bring his suit to him with an almost Magneto-like ability.

During the final shots of the new trailer we see dozens of Iron Man suits flying into shot and floating together for what is most likely the final battle. Then we see what we assume to be Tony Stark in the Hulkbuster armor breaking through some wreckage. With all the new suits in this film, we’re unsure who or if anyone is in this suit and what its purpose will be, but it looks like it’s going on a rampage of sorts. Then the trailer simply fades to the release date.

Iron Man 3 new trailer Hulkbuster armor

The first Iron Man 3 trailer blew us away, but this second Iron Man 3 trailer takes things even further. They’ve done an amazing job giving fans just a taste of what the film has in store for them, but we still don’t feel spoiled after seeing the second trailer. Be sure to let us know in the comments if seeing the second trailer has you just as excited as us.

After Robert Downey Jr. rocked our worlds in the first Iron Man, he skyrocketed into being one of the biggest names in Hollywood. Expect to be bombarded by viral marketing from Marvel Studios for Iron Man 3 as we get closer to its May 3 release date.

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