12:00 pm EDT, October 3, 2013

New ‘House of Hades’ character art features Eros/Cupid

A new character portrait from House of Hades by Rick Riordan reveals what Eros/Cupid looks like.

The image comes via Riordan’s Tumblr.

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House of Hades Character Portrait Eros Cupid

Eros is the Greek god of love, while his Roman counterpart, Cupid, is the god of desire. There’s no telling which particular version is featured here, though the Greek version was often depicted as an adult, whereas the Roman god was usually a child.

In both versions, the god is mischievous and usually pairs people together that may cause some problems for them down the road.

Often pictured with wings and a bow and arrow, the character portrait above is spot on in terms of Eros’ general attributes. While we don’t know exactly what kind of role he’ll be playing in the novel, it might be safe to say that he could be aiming one of his arrows toward our main characters.

The line above his portrait reads, “Figure of intoxicating love, with a heart that pounds.” It certainly sounds ominous, though we’ll have to wait until the book releases on October 8 until we know exactly what part he’ll play in House of Hades.

More than likely we’ll be getting more character portraits leading up to the release of the book, so stay tuned!

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