In preparation for tomorrow’s Fringe return you can see a new promo and the full set of promotional images showing the characters’ reaction to the shocking twist.

Fox has uploaded a second promo following the one that aired right after the broadcast of last week’s shocking episode “The Bullet That Saved the World.” This one gives a little bit more away about what we can expect in “An Origin Story”:

In the promo we see Peter and Olivia grieving for the unexpected, heartbreaking loss of Etta. Then we learn that Peter has captured and tortured an Observer, as “The journey for revenge begins.” It’s going to go dark from this point on!

The promotional images for the episode have also made their way online:

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Thanks to SpoilerTV for uploading them!

We are very upset that Etta has been killed off, of course, and it seems like she really isn’t coming back. But where it will take the characters as they continue to fight the Observers will be very interesting to see, especially as it seems like Olivia and Peter will react in very different ways: while Olivia will probably shut down to an extent, paralyzed by the loss, it looks like Peter will be going on the offensive, fighting more recklessly against the group who not only took over the world but have now also killed his child.

Fringe 5×05 “An Origin Story” airs tomorrow night at 9/8c on Fox.

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