8:50 am EDT, January 12, 2018

Trailer for ‘Tully,’ Diablo Cody’s newest film, depicts modern motherhood

The writer and director from Juno and Young Adult are back with their latest film about the realities of motherhood in 2018, Tully.

Writer Diablo Cody and director Jason Reitman are known for telling charming, engaging, and funny stories about real life and the unique challenges we all face in some form or another. Cody is known for crafting characters which are so engaging and so relatable that whether or not you find yourself in the same life stage as her characters, you can’t help but be sucked in.

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In her latest movie, Tully, Cody will shine a light on the unique challenges of motherhood in the 21st century. The first trailer for the film starring Charlize Theron and Mackenzie Davis released, and looks pretty fantastic.

Tully tells the story of Marlo (Theron), a mom of three who is overworked and exhausted. Then Marlo is “gifted” a nanny named Tully from her brother. Tully helps Marlo with the kids, and ultimately helps Marlo take hold of her life.

As Jason Reitman told People, he was excited to work with both Cody and Theron again. The three last worked together on Young Adult. Reitman said of the two, “There are few women who look more fearlessly into life’s dirty little secrets and find a way to make them funny.”

The irreverent looks into life’s dirty secrets is precisely why we love Diablo Cody movies. Whether or not you’re a mom, Cody’s past work shows us that this film will delight audiences from all walks of life. We can’t wait to see what she’s created in her latest movie, Tully, which arrives in theaters on April 20.

Are you excited to see ‘Tully’?

Source: People

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