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10 strong women in fandom who deserve to be on America’s new $10 bill

The United States Treasury Department announced yesterday that Alexander Hamilton is going to be replaced on the $10 bill by a woman. Naturally, this got us thinking about who should replace the Founding Father.

The Treasury Department has launched a new website in which you can learn more about their decision, and they’re asking people to make nominations using the hashtag #TheNew10. Being a fandom website, we decided to nominate ten fictional women who we believe are just as wonderful as non-fictional ladies.

We took things a step further by designing the new $10 bills so that the Treasury Department can see how great these ladies fit on cold cash.

1) Katniss Everdeen


Sure, Katniss might be from a distant and terrible dystopian version of the United States. But if anything like the 12 districts of Panem are in America’s future, then that’s all the more reason to put Katniss Everdeen on our $10 bill.

Katniss is the ultimate underdog, who knows the terrible price of war. Katniss isn’t a warrior, but she is a fighter – and she knows all too well that freedom often comes at the price of terrible personal sacrifice. But the Girl on Fire is more than just a cautionary tale. With her valor, selflessness, and strength, Katniss stands for resistance and justice in the face of tyranny. She is a force of honesty and love – and reminds us why and how we must keep hold of our humanity, even in the darkest circumstances.

If that lesson isn’t worth $10, what is?

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2) Kimmy Schmidt


Having a woman on the $10 is a visual representation of what ladies have known forever – that females are strong as hell! And who better to put a face to that message than Kimmy Schmidt herself? Kimmy stands for America’s most idealistic attributes – she is kind, tenacious, and generous, and will jump to the aid of anyone in need. She accepts and celebrates people of all races, genders, and lifestyles. Kimmy is super brave (she escaped from a cult and defeated her captor in court!) and never met an obstacle she couldn’t overcome.

In short, Kimmy Schmidt is unbreakable – and we all deserve to have that smile on our currency!

3) Mindy Lahiri


Call it delusions of grandeur, or just pure determination, but we don’t doubt Mindy Lahiri could soon find herself on the $10. What did she do to earn this coveted spot you ask? Well, she’s a kick-ass OBG/YN living in New York City! Do you need a better reason? Yes? Well, just watch one episode of The Mindy Project and you’ll understand how highly Mindy thinks about herself and projects confidence that every woman should strive to own. She would love to kick off an old white dude and replace the picture with a grade-A profile-picture-worthy of herself. Plus, she’d then use the power of being on the bill for good, not evil. We hope. Maybe a shopping spree or two.

4) Leslie Knope


Who is more deserving of being on the $10 note than our first female President of the United States (sorry Hilary)? No one, that’s who. Leslie Knope rose from being the Deputy Director of a tiny, seemingly insignificant Parks and Recreation department to the highest office of the nation, and never lost any of her passion, or her heart. She was always striving to make the world better for, well, the rest of the world. The only thing that mattered more to her (other than waffles, natch) was making life better for the people she loved most. Why wouldn’t we want a hard-working, dorky, kind, fearless, compassionate, and kick-ass lady on the $10 note? And after a life and career spent empowering both herself and the women around her, there is no one better suited. Leslie, you coy bastard, you are the woman for this job

5) C.J. Cregg


If ever there was a lady most deserving of having her face stare back at millions of people everyday from the front of a dollar bill, it’s C.J. Cregg. Not only did she put up with the antics of Josh, Sam, Toby, and the President for eight long years, but she held that regime together with her teeth at times. She is one hell of a role model, as she knows exactly how she feels on the issues, even if sometimes that means she has no opinion at all. Through it all she never loses her sense of humor and is always looking to rise above the fray. Those are two qualities that anyone should strive to emulate, and definitely qualify her for this most prestigious honor.

6) Olivia Pope


Let’s face it, Olivia Pope has saved the day time and time again, making her more deserving of this honor than pretty much everyone. Yeah, not everything she’s done has been on the up and up (she’s slept with a married President, after all), but she always looks out for her country and her friends. When you factor in her loyalty to the Pope and Associates Gladiators, she embodies many of the qualities that you want from the woman on your $10 bill, especially when you factor in her white hat.

7) Peggy Carter


No lady deserves to be the face of the $10 bill like Peggy Carter. While she may not be American by birth, she sure as hell is American by spirit. Agent Carter not only helped form one of the biggest intelligence agencies the world has ever known, but she has also helped save the world from dangerous threats more times than your average war hero. Moreover, she’s done it with grace and little fanfare. Peggy’s a strong woman who isn’t afraid to take charge or own her femininity. She cares deeply about the people around her and will do everything in her power to keep them safe, even if it means sacrificing her own happiness at times. Though she may know her value, others deserve to too. The $10 comes nowhere near her actual value, but it’s a start. A well-deserved start.

8) Regina Mills


Regina aka the Evil Queen may not seem like your typical choice for the $10 bill, but let’s face it… she has come a long way from being the woman who started the curse. In many ways Regina is a story of redemption and growth, things that represent our country. Regina has shown that forgiveness allows you to change and accept what you cannot control. She also represents power, and now that she is using her magic for good, why not make her the face of the $10 bill?

9) Buffy Summers


Buffy Summers is a cultural icon whose strength and loyalty are perfect reasons for her to be on the $10 bill. For years Buffy graced our TV screens and kicked ass on a weekly basis. She showed females it was good to be strong and it was okay to make mistakes. For Buffy, her family and friends were everything — besides saving the world of course! Honor this strong female by putting her on the $10 bill.

10) Scout Finch


It’s one thing to stand up for yourself and what is right in a world where strong women are increasingly common. It’s a whole other thing to be a young girl in a world that not only doesn’t expect you to need an education, but also disrespects anyone who isn’t a white male.

Scout Finch held her own amongst her brother, her friend Dill, and found role models in her father Atticus and neighbor Miss Maude. Her role models told her that ideas, knowledge, values, and equality for all were valuable even if those things weren’t appreciated in society.

Scout consistently stood up and said no when it would have been really easy to give in and say yes.

Now it’s your turn…

Michal Schick, Jen Lamoureux, Kristina Lintz, Marama Whyte, Kristen Kranz, and Danielle Zimmerman contributed to this feature. Graphics by Angelica Yap.

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