4:36 am EDT, April 23, 2015

More viewers now prefer streaming services like Netflix to live TV

The future is now.

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Addicted to Netflix and Hulu? You’re not the only one. A country-wide survey has revealed that more people now prefer streaming their TV shows to watching them live.

Remember the terms “water-cooler moment” and “sweeps week”? Your children might not. Because as more and more digital streaming services become available, traditional channel programming is quickly losing its appeal.

The consulting firm Deloitte has released a report that shows U.S. viewers are now more inclined to stream their shows from an Internet service, preferring the flexibility of scheduling (and the ability to binge-watch, in the case of Netflix shows) to the rigid programming of television.

Around 56% of the surveyed viewers stream movies and 53% stream TV shows on a monthly basis. 45% still prefer to watch TV programs live. As for binge-watching, 68% of consumers are currently engaging in “marathon viewing” (watching three or more episodes in one sitting).

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Additionally, it is revealed that Netflix is now used by a whooping 42% of American households! That’s pretty damn significant, and giving the network TV industry real cause for concern.

In fact, 25% of “Trailing Millennials” (aged 14-25) no longer have pay-TV services, and tend to use their computers and mobile devices to stream their content, rendering the television set itself a dusty relic soon to go the way of the radio.

Cable channel HBO recently launched HBO Now, a dedicated streaming service you can sign up for without needing a subscription to their channel.

Could this be the way in which all the big networks will survive? Or will they fail to catch up to modern technology, and get left behind?

Read more about this fascinating study at Variety.

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