NBC has released four new clips from 30 Rock’s last two episodes, airing this Thursday, January 31. Four clips is certainly more than their weekly usual but its done every day a network can promote the series finale of one of the best sitcoms in recent history.

In the first clip Tracy learns the harsh truth about how Kenneth’s new position will affect their relationship.

We didn’t know Kenneth could speak Japanese, but we did always suspect that Dotcom sucked at carrying boxes.

Next up, Jenna announces her intention to depart to the city of angels.

Of course it turns out the City of Angels is just the name of the animal sanctuary where she gets her tranquilizers but she’ll be heading to L.A. shortly after.

Here Liz talks with Jack about her post-TGS life.

Good to hear that she can run for 30 minutes, dry heaving or no.

Finally, in the shortest but probably funniest clip, Liz reveals her trump card over Jonathan.

There is one final clip. NBC hasn’t indicated whether it’s from the episode or not but it’s two-plus minutes in length. Depicting just one scene seems to suggest that it’s probably not. Regardless, it’s a hoot for anyone who has wanted to see Kenneth eat DHARMA chickpeas from the ’60s.

30 Rock‘s series finale will be two episodes titled “Hogcock!” (seriously) and “Last Lunch”  but the network has released just one synopsis for both:

“IN THE ’30 ROCK’ SERIES FINALE, LIZ LEMON (TINA FEY) AND THE ‘TGS’ GANG RETURN FOR A FINAL SHOW. In the one-hour series finale, Liz (Fey) has difficulty adjusting to being a stay-at-home mom while Jack (Alec Baldwin) takes stock of his life. Tracy (Tracy Morgan) struggles without constant attention from Kenneth (Jack McBrayer) as the former page settles into his new job as president of NBC. Jenna (Jane Krakowski) prepares an emotional farewell song as the cast and crew reunite for one final ‘TGS’.”

We’re just two days away from the end of a very, very funny era.

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