10:05 am EDT, May 24, 2019

Naomi Scott brings the fire in ‘Speechless’ video from ‘Aladdin’

Naomi Scott, our new Jasmine from the live-action version of Aladdin, shows off her amazing vocal talent in the video for “Speechless.”

After months and months of speculation and hyper-criticism over clips released from the live-action version of Disney’s Aladdin, the film is finally in theaters. While a lot stayed the same from the original cartoon, the film brought in several new elements to keep the film fresh. One such element is the new original song, “Speechless,” sung by Princess Jasmine herself, Naomi Scott.

It’s a tall order to create a new song for an iconic movie with an iconic soundtrack. Sometimes the new songs can be brushed aside by diehard fans, and others can feel like the new tune just doesn’t fit.

However, “Speechless” isn’t just a beautiful song. It’s an opportunity for Naomi Scott to show off her amazing voice, and the lyrics are perfect to describe the spirit of Princess Jasmine.

The official music video for “Speechless” was just released, and it features footage from the film as well as footage of Scott singing her heart out for the recording. You can check it out below; this definitely isn’t something you want to miss.

While fans and critics were a bit skeptical of Aladdin after trailer and clip releases, many of those who have actually seen the movie have been pretty positive about this new take on the beloved cartoon. And the choice to finally give Jasmine her own song, especially one as badass and beautiful as this one, makes this remake even more exciting.

Naomi Scott has gotten a great deal of praise for her portrayal of Jasmine, and after watching this video, we totally get it. Scott just embodies the strength and grace of the iconic Disney princess, and this video gives us a small taste of that.

Aladdin opened in theaters on May 24, so you can see the movie — and see this song in action — for yourself now.

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