MTV Movie Awards: The 3-way split between ‘Harry Potter,’ ‘Hunger Games,’ ‘Twilight’

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8:15 pm EDT, May 22, 2012

by RNaj

The voting for the 2012 MTV Movie Awards has finally opened and heated competition has been revealed between the thre highest grossing book-to-film adaptations in film history. Who should win? Who should lose? Fandoms are truly colliding as people cast their votes.

All three films are nominated for one, if not all, of the most popular and anticipated categories, including Best Kiss, Best Male Performance, Best Female Performance, Best Fight, and Best Cast. The race is on.

Why The Hunger Games?

Recently becoming the highest grossing book-to-film adaptation domestically (US), this film gripped the hearts of millions of fans of not only the dearly loved series but also spanned an audience of all ages. Jam-packed with riveting action, a dystopian world, a controlling governmental body called The Capitol, and breakthrough acting performances by not only Jennifer Lawrence but the rest of the talented cast – this fandom is sure to give Potter and Twilight a run for their money.

Why Twilight?

Twilight only gives Potter and The Hunger Games competition in the category of Best Kiss. Should it be the highly anticipated kiss between Ron and Hermione, the sweet moment shared between Katniss and Peeta, or the ceremonial embrace between Bella and Edward? You decide.

Why Potter?

As a personal Harry Potter fan myself, you will see me being a bit biased here. Nobody can deny the absolute magic that the books spun into the hearts of people of all ages. Not only that, but there was also the impressive sense of belonging the films created over a span of 10 years. The Harry Potter series brought with it the magic that no other series has been able to encapsulate. Some would like to argue that since it’s the LAST FILM, then it’s the LAST CHANCE to finally recognize the amazing series that touched millions of hearts around the world. Should Potter be given more importance? The Hunger Games has a bright future with many awards to come, and Twilight has its last film (Breaking Dawn – Part 2) to end the series with a bang. Shall we pay tribute to the boy who lived one last time?

Sound off in the comments, who do YOU think should win? And be sure to cast YOUR vote!

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