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These big screen families will make you more grateful for yours this holiday season

Whether you’re looking forward to the holiday season or not, reminding yourself that at least your family isn’t as crazy as these Hollywood examples will only make your holiday more enjoyable.

There are so many examples of families in movies that are just absolutely crazy. Yes, these families exist, maybe they’re yours, but the majority are probably not as extreme as these eight Hollywood crazies. Check out one or all of these for a quick reminder that your cousins taking rides on the family dog or your mother-in-law forgetting to put the turkey in the oven are not the worst it could be.

Silver Linings Playbook

Let’s start this with a slightly tamer one. This story isn’t necessarily about the families, but as you watch Pat and Tiffany inch closer and closer to happiness, you meet his crazy, Philadephia Eagles obsessed father. This family quirk is a little easier to digest than some of the others we’ll get to in this list, but it might just be the quick reminder that at least your relatives only watch the Thanksgiving Day games, not obsess over the minutiae of each moment.

The Heat

This classic Sandra Bullock/Melissa McCarthy comedy is gold when it comes to crazy families. FBI agent Ashburn (Sandra Bullock) is a former foster kid who has never known what it means to have a family, so, naturally, her Boston PD partner (Melissa McCarthy) reveals an absolutely insane family complete with brothers, girlfriends, and dogs named after NBA basketball greats.

This is Where I Leave You

If this movie doesn’t make you wish that Tina Fey was your big sister, I don’t know if I want to know you. With a cast including Jane Fonda, Jason Bateman, Tina Fey, Adam Driver, Connie Britton and so, so many more, it’s easy to see why this family is such a beacon for crazy.

The family gathering in this movie may not be holiday related, but the Altmans can make a disaster out of just about anything. I adore this movie, but every time I watch it, I am reminded of the relative calmness of my family’s holiday get togethers, and it makes me instantly grateful.

The Family Stone

This Christmas movie is probably a good one for those that are tired of watching the same old, same old holiday movies year after year. It has a touching Christmas message, but isn’t as blatant as some of the tried and true Christmas movies you’re probably thinking of right now.

That said, it has one of the craziest family dynamics I’ve ever seen. From family dinners to present openings to Christmas morning breakfast shenanigans, you really can’t walk away from this movie thinking anything other than, “At least my family’s not THAT crazy.”

August: Osage County

I must admit, I’ve only seen this film once, but what I remember about the grumpy Weston family is a stranglehold on the word dysfunction. They are kind of one of the most dysfunctional families I’ve ever seen in a movie, probably thanks to the insanely difficult matriarch.

While many of the others on this list are good-hearted romps that just have crazy antics, August: Osage County will probably drive you to offer hugs to even the nuttiest of your family in gratitude for them being decidedly less awful than the Westons.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

When it comes to crazy families, you can’t leave out this absolute classic. The whole movie is framed around a Greek woman who tries to get her very Greek family to accept an outsider into the fold.

The best parts of My Big Fat Greek Wedding are when Toula gets a second to be reminded of how much her family loves her, quickly followed up with many, many reasons to be grateful for the relatively sane people in your own family. I mean, if you don’t have an uncle reminding you to put Windex on your acne, you probably have it pretty good.

Home Alone

This film family is so big, one of the kids gets left behind. Home Alone is a holiday classic, so it definitely belongs in this list. No matter how many disasters you may have to put out just getting Thanksgiving dinner on the table or the Christmas presents wrapped, at least you never went on vacation and left your child behind. You can keep that reminder close to your heart as you greet your relatives and their little ones this holiday season.

Crazy Rich Asians

Last, but most certainly never least, you really don’t want to miss out on the family craziness of Crazy Rich Asians. One of this year’s most enchanting box office hits, it highlights the difference between the uber-rich and the middle class, the dedicated mothers and the absent fathers, and the intimate family gatherings with the extravagant.

Throughout all the craziness demonstrated by the families in this list, there is one thing that unites them: love. Each of these movies, some more easily than others, reminds us to hold our loved ones a little tighter this season and be grateful for whatever brand of crazy they bring with them.

So, while you’re braving the crowds for a stick of butter on Thanksgiving, tripping over kids as you serve drinks at your parents’ house on Christmas, or sitting back enjoying a little of the chaos along the way, remember that at least your family isn’t as bad as these.

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