Clever and bound to cause controversy, today Vulture published an interesting list of what they believe are the Top 25 Most Devoted Fan Bases.

The list was published in an online slideshow, and each fan base had a great write up explaining why it appears. The list is as follows:

25) Mad Men
24) Real Housewives
23) Lil B
22) Stephen Colbert
21) Phish
20) Kevin Smith
19) Insane Clown Posse
18) Neil Gaiman
17) Bruce Springsteen (Editor’s note: <333)
16) True Blood
15) Oprah
14) Star Trek
13) Community
12) Joss Whedon
11) Tyler Perry
10) Arrested Development
9) Doctor Who
8) Lady Gaga
7) Hunger Games
6) Lord of the Rings
5) Justin Bieber
4) Harry Potter
3) Twilight
2) Star Wars
1) Game of Thrones

A couple of notes: It’s interesting that Twilight edged out Harry Potter. We attribute this to the fact that the Twilight fan base has a very passionate community that camps out days in advance for the film’s premieres and stars.

Game of Thrones seems to be an odd choice for number one given its the show’s young age. Yes, the books have been around for much longer, but Vulture used the show’s name. Lil B and Insane Clown Posse may be the most surprising choices to us. And while Mad Men does indeed have a fan base, we don’t think there’s anything special about it to really make the list.

You can visit Vulture’s site to see their explanations for each of the contenders. Where do you think they got the list right — and wrong?

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