4:20 pm EDT, June 22, 2013

Billy Crystal reveals alternate ‘Monsters University’ opening sequence

If you saw Monsters University this weekend, you know the beginning of the film depicted Mike when he was a toddler making a class trip to Monsters, Inc.

But that wasn’t always the plan.

Word of Monsters University’s alternate openings came when Billy Crystal, who voices Mike, was asked at a media event Hypable attended if he had worked with the young actor who voiced young Mike.

“I wasn’t even – I didn’t even know that that was in the movie till I saw it,” Crystal revealed. “No, because I had filmed – I had recorded three different openings, so I wasn’t sure what they had used. The first version I did without John was when I played my parents and Mike and his bored sister in the car – see, it’s funny – in the car, going to drop him off at college, something I guess we’ve all experienced at some point. So I wasn’t sure what was in the opening movie till I saw that. I would love to meet him ‘cause he did a great job. It’s a beautiful sequence.”

Co-star John Goodman, who voices Sulley, asked Crystal if he thinks they animated the deleted scene in the car where he voices Mike’s entire family. While Crystal didn’t know the answer, he did say he’d love to see it. Goodman agreed.

At the least, Pixar likely has the alternate Monsters University opening story boarded (all drawn out on paper). That type of planning material is frequently included in the special features of Pixars’ DVD/Blu-ray’s, so we’ll hope that Monsters University’s home entertainment release includes the alternate opening and other deleted scenes.

Did you see easter eggs in Monsters University? We’ll share the ones we spotted soon, but for now check out our 12 favorite Pixar easter eggs.

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