Modern Family star Ty Burrell, who plays Phil Dunphy on the ABC show, will be extending his connections with the network even further as he recently sold his own original written comedy to the company.

Ty and his younger brother, Duncan Burrell, together came up with the as-yet unnamed show and will be the writers as well as the co-executive producers. They’ve worked together previously, specifically on a two-man play in New York called Babble in the late ’90s.

Cast-wise, it’s too early to know who will be the stars, but so far it appears that Burrell will be remaining behind the cameras this time.

The show is semi-autobiographical, drawing from the two brothers’ experiences when they were young and growing up in Oregon. It will be shot single camera and focus on two families who have moved from the city to a small town in Oregon in an attempt to unplug from their busy city lives, and they decide to open up the only shop in the entire community. Comedy-wise, audiences can expect a lot of it to come from the whole idea of big city vs. rural town, but hopefully in the Burrells’ hands, they can give it their own comedic twist.

The comedy will be produced by 20th Century Fox TV, who is also the producer of Modern Family. Other companies have also favoured the family-duo concept, with NBC committing to a pilot by the brother-sister team, Will and Robin Reiser, and CBS is in the works with the two brothers Tim and Michael Hobert to develop a semi-autobiographical comedy as well.

You can catch Ty Burrell on Modern Family on ABC Wednesday nights.

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