Modern Family always does great Halloween episodes, and for its fourth season the three-time Emmy award-winning show looks to be continuing the pattern.

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Regular viewers of the show will know that in the past Claire has really gotten into the holiday spirit and may have at times gone a little overboard. Because of this, her family is making her tone it down and ensure that it is more “kid friendly,” so they decide to have an open house on Halloween. Meanwhile, Mitch and Cam host their own costume party, but have to deal with Lily wanting to know who her real mom is, and Gloria starts heading to crazytown because of her pregnancy hormones.

In the photos we can see Gloria in a tight green, spandex suit – a pregnant alien, perhaps? Mitch is a matador, Lily is a princess, and Cam is in a surprisingly normal looking white suit. The best, however, is the second Claire outfit. It appears she’s dressing up as Ripley from Alien? A very cool costume, but safe to say it would not be deemed “kid friendly.”

The episode, titled “Open House of Horrors,” will air Wednesday, October 24 on ABC.

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