Fans of ‘The Mindy Project’ want a #FullSeasonForMindy

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9:30 am EDT, May 15, 2014

Finale day was supposed to be a day of joy. Our beloved Mindy Project ended its second season on the highest of romantic comedy-homage notes.

Ratings had improved and fans were secure in the knowledge that a second season had been ordered. It was a very good day — that is, until Fox announced that the show was only being given a half-season order. Talk about throwing a rain cloud over our day of jubilee.

Naturally, fans of the tenacious Mindy Lahiri will not let this injustice stand. A grassroots fan campaign is making the rounds on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. Each week fans will be re-watching an episode of the series on various Fox platforms (and Hulu) and live-tweeting in order to raise awareness of the show. We Mindy Project fans have had great success with promotions like this in the past, garnering the attention of many of the cast and crew.

Fans have already seen an increase in viewership since the first half of the second season and have managed to get many Mindy Project-related hashtags trending in the U.S. on Tuesday nights during the second season run. Fans even managed to keep these hashtags trending during weekends and over the course of the hiatus. During the hiatus-from-hell (dubbed Hellatus by many) we used our time to introduce new viewers.

Now that the summer hiatus has hit we find ourselves with plenty of time to duct-tape our closest friends to the sofa, pop open a bottle of wine and marathon the adventures of everyone’s favorite Manhattan doctor.

The Mindy Project gave us two wonderful seasons of laughs and quite a few tender moments. From wine bras to hopelessly romantic voiceovers, Mindy makes it clear that it’s perfectly acceptable to be yourself. She’s smart, she’s bold and she stands up for herself. We finally have a strong, female-driven comedy on the airwaves and we intend to keep it there.

We hope you’ll join in on this fun and feisty campaign and if you haven’t seen the show yet, we hope you’ll use the summer to check it out. A thorough breakdown here.

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