6:54 am EDT, March 18, 2015

Microsoft is (finally) retiring Internet Explorer: Our 10 favorite memes

Watch out, Opera: We'll soon need to find a new internet browser to mock mercilessly.

It’s the end of an era: Microsoft has announced that they’re working on a new browser, which means Internet Explorer is about to join its creepy uncle Ask Jeeves at the place where internet phenomena go to die.

If internet browsers had souls, we’d feel really bad for Internet Explorer. Actually, we still feel kind of bad for it.

Notoriously mocked for being slow, buggy and outdated, the Internet Explorer test (using someone’s computer and checking their default browser) has become one of the easiest ways of spotting a tech noob — kind of like when people use Comic Sans un-ironically.

And now, Microsoft is finally taking the hint: The Verge reports that the corporation is retiring IE, and is developing a new browser codenamed “Project Spartan.”

Internet Explorer isn’t going away, at least not straight away, but it will no longer be the default browser on Windows 10 and beyond.

We’re feeling oddly bittersweet about this news (IE may have been a crappy browser, but it was our crappy browser!), so we’ll send Internet Explorer off in style with our favorite memes and viral images. May it rest in peace next to Jeeves, floppy disks, and the Harlem Shake.











Now that’s done, let’s get rid of Hotmail! (Wait, who said that?)

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