6:00 pm EDT, March 23, 2014

‘Maze Runner’ promotional images feature quotes from the book

The new Maze Runner promotional images feature moments from the film and quotes from the book.

After an exciting movie trailer debut on Monday, additional Maze Runner promotional material has been slowly released throughout the week.

The first major image is taken from the moment where Thomas is, presumably, being chased by Ben. It’s an exciting moment from the book, and a story element that many fans are excited to see.


The film stills aim to not only highlight moments from the movie, but also incorporate memorable passages from the books as well.

This image of Teresa has the text, “The last one,” laid over her body. Fans of the book will understand the ominous meaning behind the words and will get a deeper understanding into what the photo stands for.


Minho is also featured. Along with his slightly bitter sarcasm and honesty.


Thomas is again seen in this following image, along with Alby and the newly added character Jeff. James Dashner mentioned earlier that Jeff’s role was added into the movie as an expansion on the med-jack character from the book. The text over top amps up the pressure for the kids in the maze.


And the last image is another version of a picture we’ve seen before, but this time the text, “If you ain’t scared you ain’t human,” covers the young Glader played by Dylan O’Brien. Whether you’ve read the books or not, the message behind this one is easy to read.


‘Maze Runner’ is in a theater near you!

Although the Maze Runner movie won’t be released until September 19 of this year, you can catch the official trailer playing in theaters now. Earlier this week, Wyck Godfrey shared that the Maze Runner trailer would make its debut in theaters before the highly anticipated Divergent movie!

So if you Gladers want to get a sneak peek of what it’s like to see The Maze Runner kids on the big screen, make sure you grab your tickets to Divergent and get yourself prepared for the excitement coming in September!

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