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‘House of Hades’: What you need to know from ‘Mark of Athena’

Before you jump headfirst into House of Hades, check up on where our favorite demigods left off in Mark of Athena!

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After a year of anxious waiting since the debut of Mark of Athena, Rick Riordan’s fourth installment in the Heroes of Olympus series, House of Hades, arrives on bookshelves today, October 8!

We know the wait’s been long and arduous, so to help you prepare for your yearly dose of demigod adventuring, here’s a look back at where we left Percy and the gang last October.

Percy and Annabeth are single-handedly taking on the entire underworld…together.

Demons better watch their back. He’s the Son of Poseidon and she’s the brightest witch demigod of her age.

percy jacksonAnnabeth Chase

The six other demigods (and Coach Hedge) are on their way to Greece to help close up the Doors of Death from the mortal side.

They’ve also got the Athena Parthenos strapped onto their ship, so that’s a plus, especially considering the gods are too busy with their split Greek/Roman personality problems to be of any use to their children.

Octavian of the crazy teddy bear sacrifices has decided it would be cool to attack Camp Half-Blood and has set up a Roman base in New York.

Octavian_percy jackson In his defense, Leo did try and blow up Camp Jupiter when he was possessed by Eidolons.

Meanwhile, Reyna sensibly tries to stall the Roman forces from attacking, even though she’s still kind of upset Piper stole her boyfriend.

Reyna_Percy Jackson She gets a bad rap for being strict, but no one can say this girl doesn’t know how to prioritize her feelings.

Jason and Piper are still together but they’ve undergone no major developments since they’re kind of too polite to admit their feelings.

Piper has decided, though, that her cornucopia which spits out delicious food is way more valuable than her dagger that shows her gruesome visions of the future.

jason piper leo

Hazel figured out that Leo’s great grandfather was her boyfriend back in the 1940s.

Hazel_percy jackson
This surprisingly (or unsurprisingly) makes things less awkward for everyone.

So, Frank and Leo are the new BrOTP now.

They’ve pretty much gotten over fighting over Hazel because they’re too busy fangirling over each other. Archimedes’ scrolls are also keeping Leo tied up at the moment, considering they probably hold the secret to turning around the entire war.

Nico’s back and is cooler/creepier than ever.

He went down to Tartarus to try and straighten things out and almost lost his mind before getting kidnapped by evil giants. Considering he’s pretty much the Prince of the Underworld, this does not bode well for Percy and Annabeth’s Tartarus’ adventures.

hades_percy jackson

House of Hades, the fourth book in Rick Riordan’s Heroes of Olympus series debuts in bookstores today, October 8.

What demigod adventures are you excited to see in ‘House of Hades’>?

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