2:30 pm EST, December 17, 2018

Major ‘Smash Ultimate’ glitches involving ‘Animal Crossing’ fighter Isabelle discovered

If you want to see these Smash Ultimate glitches for yourself, you may wish to act quickly, as they’ll likely be patched out soon.

The two Smash Ultimate glitches have been shared a lot on social media, garnering negative attention to an otherwise polished game’s loose threads.

The first of the Smash Ultimate glitches involving Isabelle also involves the Mayor of her town: The Villager. To do this glitch, players need only have either character use the forward air/back air slingshot move. The other needs to pocket the pellet, after which both players need to trade the item back and forth a couple of times using their Pocket neutral-b move. After a few tosses back and forth, the game will crash, requiring players to reset their Smash Ultimate copy to proceed.

The second of the latest discovered Smash Ultimate glitches involves two Isabelles and any given assist trophy. To do this glitch, have both Isabelles use their side b fishing rod move to try to grab the assist trophy at the same time. The game will decide which player is awarded the assist trophy, after which an infinite spawn of the assist trophy will plague the battlefield.

These Smash Ultimate glitches are just as dangerous to online play as you may be thinking. It’s not hard to imagine a lot of Isabelles running around on the online matches of Smash Ultimate with the mindset of ruining matches by utilizing these glitches.

Isabelle is a similar character to Villager, and has been described as an echo fighter of the Mayor. However, her down special move, where she plants a Lloyd rocket instead of a tree, amongst others really differentiate her from the Animal Crossing SIM character.

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The current version of Smash Ultimate running both of these glitches is 1.2.0. It is not known if last week’s patch introduced these glitches, or if they were also in the release copy of Smash Ultimate.

Smash Ultimate released for the Nintendo Switch on December 7, 2018.

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