Legendary actress Maggie Smith is responding to Jimmy Kimmel after the Emmy host dissed her at the annual TV awards show Sunday night.

Maggie Smith won the Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Emmy for her role as Lady Violet in Downton Abbey on Sunday night. When it was announced that Smith was not present to receive the Emmy, Kimmel ran out on stage and refused to let anyone accept the award on her behalf.

“We’re not mailing this to her,” Kimmel said after grabbing it away from the presenters. “Maggie, if you want this, it’ll be in the lost and found.”

The dig, if I’m reading Kimmel right, was a reference to the fact that Smith never shows up at the Emmys despite being nominated for and winning several Downton Abbey-related awards.

And you know what? That’s totally fine by us, Maggie. Jeez, Kimmel, she’s old! Traveling half way across the world for a vapid awards show may not be at the top of her to do list these days!

On Monday, Smith responded to Kimmel’s joke.

“I was very astonished and pleased to win the award,” she said in a statement issued by PBS. “I feel the Emmys have been overly generous to me. If Mr. Kimmel could please direct me to the lost and found office I will try and be on the next flight. Love, Old Maggie.”

Lady Violet would be proud.

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