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Quiz: Which ‘Mad Max’ vehicle should you drive?

The machine chooses the road warrior.

Fury Road has some incredible vehicles, but which one is the best fit for you? Take our Mad Max quiz and find out!

There are so many amazing souped-up cars, trucks, and motorcycles in Mad Max: Fury Road, and though you may have a favorite, that isn’t necessarily the one you’re destined to drive. Each iconic vehicle has an equally iconic pilot to go along with it, who can drive it with unique style and form.

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From Nux’s little Nux Car, to Furiosa dominating the War Rig, there are so many monstrous motors that leave you speechless and in awe. So which of these road menaces is the one for you? The infamous Interceptor? The pointy Plymouth? Take our Mad Max quiz and find out!

Mad Max: Fury Road drove into theaters May 15 with a strong opening weekend, earning $45 million domestically and $109 million worldwide. Not only was it a monetary success, it was also a critical success. Reviewers belted praises for the new Mad Max installment, for its thrilling action sequences, surprising amount of story, and subtle (or perhaps not at all subtle) feminist values.

Taking over for Mel Gibson in the titular role is Tom Hardy, and although he does a great job, the real star is Charlize Theron’s Furiosa. In addition to an awesome female character, all the old explosions, chases, and destructions you loved about the first three films are back in full force. What makes these stunts even more impressive is that most of them are practically done, with little to no digital effects. It’s certainly an impressive feat. Just don’t get attached to any of the vehicles. None are safe from harm in this thrill ride.

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Max Max: Fury Road is in theaters now.

Which vehicle did you get on our ‘Mad Max’ quiz?

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