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‘Lucifer’ season 2 winter finale recap: Like a guardian angel

Lucifer season 2, episode 13, “A Good Day to Die,” had the Devil putting his life on the line to save the dying detective.

The winter finale picks up right where last week left off, with Lucifer desperately looking for a cure for Chloe’s illness. Unfortunately, they discover that the professor destroyed the antidote. While they can get their hands on the list of ingredients, the only person who knew the formula for the cure was the professor — and he’s kind of dead.

Except, oh yeah, Lucifer is the former King of Hell. He can take a trip downstairs and speak to the man himself. All their problems are solved!

As usual, however, things are a little more complicated than that.

In order to get to Hell, Luci has to die. Both Amenadiel and Maze volunteer to kill him, but Amenadiel pulls the short straw and has to watch over Chloe instead. If Chloe moves too far away from Luci, he’ll become immortal and he may be stuck down in Hell for eternity.

Despite all their bluster, Maze and Amenadiel both have to deal with their internal struggles this episode. Amenadiel is surprised that Lucifer trusts him to watch over Chloe, someone who is so important to him. But it’s Trixie’s belief that he’s a good guy that has Amenadiel accepting he may be worth Luci’s faith in him.

Meanwhile, Maze can’t bring herself to kill Luci, so he has to take matters into his own hands. Maze’s exterior is made of steel, but she’s as vulnerable as any other character on this show. Despite all he put her through, Maze has a deep love and respect for Lucifer, and that’s obvious in this episode. Her relief when he returns from Hell is raw and emotional.

But it’s Luci’s mother that pulls the most weight in this episode. She’s terrified of helping her son return to Hell because she can feel it calling her back and that is not a place she wants to revisit. She is willing to chance everything, however, in order to save Lucifer’s life.

Charlotte gets to her son just in time, too. After getting the formula from the professor, Lucifer is drawn to the door of his own personal Hell. He sees Uriel there, but his brother is not real. Lucifer is compelled to kill Uriel over and over again. His guilt drives the knife into the other angel’s side time after time.

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about Uriel’s death and those mysterious words he whispered into his brother’s ear as his life slipped away. This moment serves to remind us (“The piece is here.”) as well as show us that even the Devil has his regrets.

Luci’s mom comes to rescue him, but she only breaks the spell when she openly admits to manipulating Lucifer the entire time. The vision of Uriel then turns on her, and she convinces herself that if she stays, she can be reunited with her family once again. Luci drags her away, allowing both of them to wake up before any permanent damage is done to their bodies.

It was truly a team effort to save Chloe’s life here — Charlotte and Luci went to hell, Maze and Linda killed them and brought them back, Amenadiel and Trixie watched over Chloe, and Dan and Ella tracked down the last ingredient they needed for the antidote. It should be a happy moment, but something weighs heavily on the Devil’s shoulders.

Lucifer refuses to be caught in the middle of the feud between his parents any longer. He says he’s done, and this time he means it. The final straw was learning that the feelings between him and Chloe were just another manipulation. He shuts down Lux and disappears, leaving Chloe confused and heartbroken.

The Devil is in the details

? Dan is exceedingly angry in this episode. Will they ever take his residual feelings for Chloe and make it an actual plot point, or will they continue to fester?
? Lucifer was quick to correct him when he called Chloe his wife, though.
? Maze had zero problems killing Charlotte.
? Charlotte does love her children, and I am beginning to empathize with her. This can’t be good.
? Ella used to steal cars! And she has a brother named Ricardo! He owns a chop shop!

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