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‘Looking For Alaska’ Hulu TV show casts Miles, Alaska and co-stars

Hulu’s TV adaptation of Looking For Alaska is filling out its cast. The Eagle and Dr. Hyde are the latest roles to be cast.

Hulu has confirmed who’ll portray The Colonel, Takumi, Sara, Lara, Longwell, and Kevin. They join previously announced cast members Charlie Plummer (who’ll play Miles) and Kristine Froseth (Alaska).

‘Looking For Alaska’ Hulu cast

Below is each supporting actor and a synopsis of the character they’ll be playing (provided by Hulu). This article was updated on April 5, 2019 with new cast members (see top of list) who you might recognize from HBO’s Veep and NBC’s This Is Us.

  • Timothy Simons as ‘The Eagle’ (Below left) – Stern and humorless, he is devoted to the code of Culver Creek Academy. The Eagle runs the school and enjoys the power. He (who watches everything) warns Miles against following in his father’s prankster footsteps.
  • Ron Cephas Jones as ‘Dr. Hyde’ (Below right) – A History of Religion teacher at Culver Creek Academy, who is impossibly old, with only one lung – but once he’s in full command, Dr. Hyde is an enthralling presence who finds his own jokes amusing and who has been very smart for a very long time indeed.

  • Denny Love as ‘The Colonel’ – short (and very smart) muscular tank of a young man. The Colonel (his real name is Chip Martin) is a scholarship student and under orders from his mother to get a good enough education. He’s an enemy of the lacrosse jocks (aka “The Weekday Warriors”), and regards Alaska, Miles, and Takumi as his friends. He’s insanely loyal to his friends.

  • Jay Lee as ‘Takumi’ – A member of “The Colonel’s” group of outcasts, he’s famous for knowing all the gossip and effortlessly bounces back between the two groups of friends but is ever loyal to The Colonel and Alaska.

  • Landry Bender as ‘Sara’ – The Colonel’s girlfriend, she is also short and angry – but her rage is only directed at The Colonel because he manages to do something that pisses her off pretty much every time they interact. She and The Colonel are one of those bickering couples, who spend their lives hollering at each other.

  • Sofia Vassilieva as ‘Lara’ – A cute, shy and sweet girl from Romania, who develops a crush on Miles.

  • Uriah Shelton as ‘Longwell’ – A handsome, rich and entitled jock (aka a “Weekday Warrior” douchebag) at the school. A rich kid, he despises The Colonel and all of his non-jock friends, making their lives as miserable as possible.

  • Jordan Connor as ‘Kevin’ – Longwell’s acolyte (and not so bright friend), Kevin is another “Weekday Warrior” lacrosse bro. He follows Longwell’s lead in everything and blames The Colonel when a member of their clique gets expelled.

In October, Hulu announced the stars of their Looking For Alaska series: Charlie Plummer and Kristine Froseth.

Green said that the two stars “are both truly brilliant and embody the characters to me. They’re both also fans of the book, which is nice.”

Plummer appeared in 2017’s All the Money in the World as Getty III, while Froseth has had roles in Netflix’s original movies Apostle and Sierra Burgess is a Loser.

“I spoke to Kristine and Charlie on the phone yesterday and it was really special to have a conversation with the people who will become Miles and Alaska. I’m so grateful to them and to everyone involved with the Looking for Alaska series. It’s all starting to feel very real,” Green added.

The limited series will have eight episodes and is expected to premiere in 2019.

Looking For Alaska was previously in development as a movie, but the project failed to take off for reasons that frustrated Green.

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