If you’re one of the many who take comfort in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s daily motivational words of wisdom on Twitter, then you’re bound to be incredibly excited for what the Hamilton creator’s got coming up next!

For the past few years, those who follow Lin-Manuel Miranda on Twitter have been blessed with the Hamilton scribe’s iconic warm fuzzy-inducing “good morning” and “good night” tweets.

In fact, Miranda has hit us with so many great motivational tweets you might find yourself hard pressed to pick a favorite. More than once, we’ve found ourselves wondering if perhaps someone might someday make a book out of all of Miranda’s inspirational tweets.

Now it’s looking as though we aren’t the only ones who’ve entertained that very idea.

Miranda took to Twitter on Wednesday (June 13) to tease that a physical book comprised of his motivational tweets might actually be in the works!

The Mary Poppins Returns star hinted at the good news in response to a fan who tweeted at him asking whether or not such a tome exists.

“Has someone made a book of all @Lin_Manuel’s motivational tweets? Because I will pay good money for it,” tweeted @MirandaVeal.

It was then that Miranda RTed with a response that’s already got us incredibly excited for what we could be in store for down the line.

“I’m into it now,” said Miranda. “Got some YOU-WONT-BELIEVE-IT help with it. I’ll let you know when it’s ready.”

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Honestly, we’re not quite sure what’s more exciting: the fact that our bookshelves might soon be adorned with some of our favorite motivational words of wisdom from Lin-Manuel Miranda himself, OR that he’s got someone seriously awesome helping him out with the book behind the scenes.

Could it be a fellow scribe who’s co-writing the book in question with him? Or might he be working with an incredibly talented illustrator who’s adding a visual element to his thought-provoking words?

Either way, it’s safe to say that we’ll be keeping our eyes (and ears!) peeled for more information with regards to the book in question!

Here’s hoping he updates us with some more information on it soon!

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