1:00 pm EDT, November 7, 2018

‘Life-Size 2’ trailer shows the future of Eve dolls in danger

Tyra Banks released a new Life-Size 2 clip and trailer that shows a bleak future for Sunnyvale and all of the Eve dolls.

After years of being in development, Life-Size 2 is finally about to premiere as a part of Freeform’s 25 Days of Christmas, and we got a quick peek into the new film in a newly released clip and trailer. Things are anything but sunny in Eve’s fictional hometown of Sunnyvale, and with the future of the dolls in question, Eve must spring into action to stop the doll from being discontinued.

Update: We have our first Life-Size 2 trailer! Check it out below.

Banks blessed us with this hilarious new clip from Life-Size 2 on her Instagram, and fans of the original Life-Size will notice the return of one of Eve’s most hilarious alter-egos: Secretary Eve. We first met Secretary Eve in the original film when she tried her hand at office work, and from the looks of this clip, her typing skills haven’t improved much since 2000.

While it’s great to see the wink back to one of the most memorable parts from the original film, this clip does a great job of letting us know the major conflict that will run through Life-Size 2. Eve must convince her toy manufacturer to keep making Eve dolls if she wants to keep her fellow Eve doll sisters alive or ever return to her friendly, happy home of Sunnyvale.

Will Eve be able to convince her toy manufacturer of the immense impact she’s had on kids everywhere, or are we seeing our final days of Eve and Sunnyvale? We’ll have to wait until the Life-Size 2 premieres in early December to find out just what’s in store for our favorite, magically-animated doll.

We first met Eve, played by Tyra Banks, when Life-Size premiered back in 2000. It was an adorable, early-aughts tween flick about a Barbie-style doll coming to life and helping her human friend, Casey (Lindsay Lohan), deal with life after the death of her mother.

The movie was funny, sweet, and had a surprising, lasting impact on viewers, and sequel rumors have been swirling for years. With a follow up finally about to premiere, there are some pretty high expectations for this movie. However, from the looks of this clip, this sequel will definitely live up to the hype.

Whether you grew up watching the original, or this is your first introduction to Eve, Life-Size 2 looks like it will be a great, fun, and fresh adventure, and the perfect flick for the whole family this holiday season.

Life-Size 2 will premiere on Freeform on December 2.

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