Experience Captain America: Civil War through the eyes and mind of Leslie Jones.

Leslie Jones is not only a talented comedian, actress and Olympics commentator. She’s also ready with hilarious commentary on everyone’s favorite superhero movie, Captain America: Civil War.

Jones spontaneously decided to live-tweet her experience of watching Civil War for the first time, and spoiler alert, she loved it — and her unique observations offered more than one laugh out loud moment.

Check out what Leslie Jones had to say about the latest Captain America movie below:

It starts with some improvised Black Widow sound effects

Then she has an epiphany

Black Panther arrives, and Leslie reacts accordingly

“Ladies and gentlemen. What in the Sam Hill is that?!”

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?


“My head is fucking literally exploding at this moment.” Same, Leslie, so much same.

But don’t say she isn’t practical

This is a very good point, considering how many cuts and scrapes the Avengers are always acquiring.

“Who the hell is Bucky?”

Leslie is asking all the right questions

Yeah, the movie doesn’t really stop to explain the whole brand crossover thing.

Speaking of crossovers…

The new kids on the block begin to win her over

But it’s still all about Cat Dude!

Ironically, Leslie isn’t digging the actual Civil War of ‘Civil War’

“You guys stop, pleeeaseeee.”

Ever the eagle-eyed viewer, Leslie identifies a possible plothole

She finally gets to the big finale

“Motherfucker you are a villain.”

Leslie even gets in on the Marvel vs. DC fight

Yikes, sorry DC.

Final verdict?

And there you have it: The Leslie has spoken.

Between this and her amazing live Game of Thrones commentary on The Late Show With Seth Meyers, it’s clearly time for Leslie Jones to get her own review column somewhere. (Psst, Leslie: We wouldn’t say no!)

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