It looks like Lena Dunham is gearing up to fill the Girls sized void in all of our collective hearts.

This past April, Girls fans bid farewell to the beloved HBO series for good when the show wrapped with a sixth and final season.

Hanna (Dunham), Marnie (Allison Williams), Jessa (Jemima Kirke), and Shoshanna’s (Zoysia Mamet) stories might be over, but that doesn’t mean that Lena Dunham and Girls showrunner Jenni Konner don’t have more tales to tell.

Dunham and Konner recently got together to celebrate the second anniversary of their online publication, Lenny Letter. During a festive cocktail party for the publication, the pair let slip to reporters in attendance that they’re already working on their next project.

“It has been weird and kind of hard to get out of bed, but Lenny helps us through that and we’re now working on a new show,” said Konner of life after Girls.

Meanwhile, Dunham chimed in saying, “We’re back in business.”

Unfortunately, neither Dunham or Konner were able to give too many more details with regards to the new series they’re cooking up behind closed doors.

Though we’re expecting the new series to veer away from the Girls, narrative, Dunham teased that there’s one aspect from Girls that’s set to carry over to the pair’s next project.

“We can’t say anything right now,” teased Dunham of the new show. “Except that you’ll definitely see some more awkward situations and people showing their darker selves.”

We’re glad to hear that Dunham and Konner are continuing their partnership, and can’t wait to experience their next joint television venture!

[H/T: Entertainment Weekly]

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