Fans are anxiously awaiting the second season of HBO’s hit show Girls, set to premiere in January. Meanwhile, Lena Dunham offered up a juicy peek at what to expect in the coming episodes. 

According to TV Line, Dunham revealed a naughty tidbit about season 2 guest star Patrick Wilson. The Gifted Man actor will play a doctor in his 40s that conveniently lives next door to Hannah’s work in the show. Rumor has it that Wilson’s character may be a promising love interest.

At Sunday night’s Emmys, Dunham fawned over her 39-year-old costar and revealed a steamy tidbit about how we may be seeing Wilson soon.

“You’re going to have the opportunity to see Patrick Wilson play ping-pong in a not-totally-dressed state,” she said. “He’s hot as… I want to say something classy but all I can come up with is he’s hot as f—. And he’s a very nice person too. And a devoted father, which is such a sexy quality.”

Looks like we have something to look forward to! Will Hannah ditch Adam’s eccentric antics for the hot, middle-aged doctor next door?

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