8:15 pm EDT, March 27, 2016

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ sizzle reel teases Jonah Hex, Talia al Ghul

A new Legends of Tomorrow sizzle reel teases upcoming episodes of the series, including our first look at Jonah Hex.

In a new sizzle reel released at WonderCon, we get footage from upcoming episodes of Legends of Tomorrow, which returns with a new episode on Thursday, March 31.

Watch the sizzle reel below:

We get plenty of glimpses of action in this trailer, but there are some particularly interesting things to note.

First, we get our first look at Jonah Hex — and he looks excellent. The Legends will be visiting the Old West, and it looks to be an eventful trip. We see Rip into a shootout, Ray declaring himself John Wayne, the team in a bar fight, and Jonah Hex breaking up said bar fight. We see him later on the Waverider as well, indicating he’s been brought in on their secret.

We also see the team visiting 2147, which is 19 years before Savage kills Rip’s wife and son. Stein finds the visit to the future “astonishing,” as Sara and Jax tease. In what also appears to be the future, we get our first look at Jewel Staite, who is speaking to Ray in front of a bust of Ray’s head.

Additionally, we see Sara back among the League of Assassins. Ra’s al Ghul tells his daughter Talia that she could learn much from Sara. Talia is still a child, but it’s pretty cool that we’re actually seeing her nonetheless. After Nyssa’s introduction, there were questions about whether she existed or not in the Arrow-verse, and now we have our answer. We also see a shot of an adult Nyssa.

And finally, the Time Masters instruct an assassin to kill the younger versions of the Legends. She attacks SCPD and a younger Quentin Lance tries to protect Sara.

Legends of Tomorrow returns with a new episode on Thursday, March 31 at 8:00 p.m. on The CW.

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