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‘Legend of Korra’ theories: Amon’s robot plans? Is Aang talking to Korra?

The Legend of Korra has proven to be a worthy successor of the amazing series Avatar: The Last Airbender. As a huge fan, naturally, I love to speculate because there is so much information in the few episodes released.

So, I have a few theories and questions based on what other fans have said and what I think, and would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

Amon’s Robot Plans?

In the photos above (from the end of episode 1), Amon is standing with a map of Republic City in front of him, but just to his left appears to be some sort of robot blueprint. Do you think Amon has some more tricks up his sleeves that he has yet to unveil?

Is Aang trying to communicate to Korra?

As we know, Korra is not very spiritual. So far, she has had two ‘flashbacks’ which seem like the Yukon trial. It seems to me, since Korra is unable to go to the spirit world and communicate with Aang, he might be trying to communicate to her.

Who is Amon?

This question has garnered much speculation, and I am inclined to think he has something to do with the Yukon trial (maybe Yukon’s son?), but we simply do not have enough information to assume that he is anyone yet. He’s just Amon, for now (I do not think he is Aang’s son Bumi because from a picture of Bumi he is very tan, and Amon clearly has much lighter skin).

I think the more important question is: who is Amon affiliated with? Who bankrolls the Equalists?

The Equalists seem to be quite well-off with their awesome outfits and modes of transportation. They also have innovative technology with their electric glove things and the Lieutenant’s electric sticks. The real question is: who pays for and develops all of this?

Is Future Industries worthy of suspicion? Hiroshi Sato is a super-rich nonbender, so we cannot rule him out completely. It is also possible that Amon had lied about his upbringing, being poor and what not, and that he is the one paying for everything.

If Amon can energybend, then he’s a bender, right?

Can Amon really energybend? (Side note: In the show they have not explicitly said energybending)

From what I’ve seen, I doubt it. I think that it is an advanced form of chi-blocking, or something similar. In Avatar: The Last Airbender, Aang put his hands on Ozai’s head and chest, and he was nearly corrupted by the tedious act.

But in The Legend of Korra, Amon easily takes the bending away from many benders, by putting his hands on their head and neck. Plus, there was no big light show. Another noteworthy observation is that Zolt was able to use his bending while Amon was taking it away. Which is suspicious because why didn’t Ozai? Sure his arms and feet were bound, but he could still breathe fire, right? I could be completely wrong, but these are some observations.

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