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Introducing SeptBender: Hypable’s ‘Legend of Korra’ extravaganza!

Ladies and gentlemen, benders and non-benders! Hypable happily welcomes you to SeptBender, our month-long celebration of the long-awaited The Legend of Korra season 2 premiere!

Are you sad that summer is over? Are you bummed about hitting the books? Don’t be down – there is a silver lining to the month of September!


That’s right folks! Starting today, The Legend of Korra will be taking over Hypable!

What does that mean?

Every day in the month of SeptBender, your trusty Hype-benders will be posting articles about The Legend of Korra! We’ll be bringing you infographics, interviews, reviews, relationships, thoughts, theories, and even the occasional GIF post!


See? Bolin likes GIFs!

Why are you guys doing this?

For a bunch of reasons!

  1. We LOVE The Legend of Korra (“Talking about real love!”) and we want to share our powerful emotional feely-stuff with all of you!
  2. We are ridiculously, crazily, holy-polar-bear-dog-Batman excited for the premiere of The Legend of Korra season 2 on Friday, Sept. 13. It’s been a long wait since Book 1: Air ended last June, and we want to bring Korra and Krew back in as Hype-tastic a fashion as possible!
  3. We want to celebrate YOU! Yes, you, the The Legend of Korra fans from all four nations and beyond! SeptBender isn’t just about us posting awesome articles every day about the most delicious animal hybrids. (Okay, someone may have vetoed that one…)

SeptBender is about rejoicing in what joins us all together as Avatar fans, and giving the amazing and passionate Legend of Korra fans the attention and appreciation you deserve!

Can I join in?

You bet! First, you can help us spread the word by using the hashtag #SeptBender to share the Legend of Korra goodness in the world of social media.

Then jump into the discussion on all of our articles, and write up your own posts in our News By You section! Send us your theories, champion your dearest ships, broadcast your burning questions, and tell us what you think about The Legend of Korra season 2!

Let’s do this thing!

Be sure to check Hypable every day for the newest SeptBender content, and return to this post for the complete list of everything we’ve done!

Rewatch all of The Legend of Korra on Nickelodeon.com, and then check out our infographic of the top 12 lessons from season 1 for a taste of what’s about to come in SeptBender!

See you tomorrow, Avatards!



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SeptBender’s YA Day!
Four fantastic young adult authors – Beth Revis (Across the Universe,) Ellen Oh (Prophesy,) Leigh Bardugo (The Grisha Trilogy,) and Marie Lu (Legend) – spoke to us about why they all adore The Legend of Korra!

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Why imperfections make The Legend of Korra season 2 perfect
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SeptBender: The Conclusion
You’ve read every news story, feature, interview, and episode recap during our The Legend of Korra season 2 return celebration. Get feelbendy with us as we reflect on the amazing experience!

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