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What’s in the four postponed ‘Legacies’ season 2 episodes? We have predictions

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So, we know why we’re not seeing those post-poned Legacies episodes until (maybe) next fall, but we haven’t talked about what exactly we’re missing.

Unless you’ve literally been living in a bubble or on a deserted island somewhere, you know why Legacies season 2 ended with episode 16. Pandemics like COVID-19 do not care that our little fan hearts are broken up about these postponed Legacies episodes. I’m glad we have all 32 aired episodes of Legacies waiting on Netflix for us to watch and re-watch while we wait, but you know what’s even more exciting than re-watching? That’s right, it’s time for SPECULATION!

There are a few things we can use to inform our guesses as to what is lying in wait for us in those final postponed Legacies episodes of season 2, including some recently absent characters, the most recent character arcs, Julie Plec herself, and more. This only helps to guide our minds in the most likely direction, rather than spitballing all the things we’d love to see happen. That we can save for our Legacies season 3 wish list (which you’ll definitely be seeing soon!).

Here are just a few things we are pretty sure we’ll be seeing when Legacies season 2 returns. Let’s start out with a sure thing.

That musical episode

We all know that Legacies season 2 was supposed to include a musical episode, and we had just started getting all the details when production was halted on account of pandemic.

Thanks to TVGuide, we know that this year’s musical episode will pay tribute to the legacy of the shows that paved the way for our latest spinoff. Brett Matthews, executive producer of Legacies, told TV Guide that, “We try to do a musical a year, and it’s a musical that will sort of revisit our legacies — the legacy of the show, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals universe.”

Yes, please.

Last season, a school talent show was Legacies‘ vehicle to get the Salvatore school a-singing, and while we don’t know what canonically will have all our faves breaking into song, at least we know it lies ahead. Julie Plec may or may not have pretty much guaranteed it with this tweet:

So, rest easy, Legacies fans, the musical episode tradition will live on once we get those postponed Legacies episodes.

Alyssa Chang on the rampage

So, Alyssa Chang is pissed. What else is new?

We know this, thanks to another of Julie Plec’s informative tweets:

Alyssa’s back amongst the living, thanks to Raf and Alaric’s deal with the Necromancer. She’s not happy with Josie, probably because of that whole snapping her neck thing. Since that death seemed semi-permanent rather than the kind that sticks, Alyssa is totally not going to take that lying down.

Retribution will be the name of the game, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Hope makes herself powerless Josie’s protector or something. Although that job could go to Lizzie, too, but if I had my way, this would be the thing that brings Landon and Josie’s friendship back on board. Not that he’s super powerful or anything. Maybe him and Hope take on the job. It could work.

We definitely haven’t seen the last of these guys, right?

Credit: tumblr

This is where the speculation gets a little sketchier. There are a handful of characters that made an appearance or two this season, but didn’t get the ending we imagined, or that they deserve.

For instance, I hate to believe that where we left Sebastian is his true end. He was left in the prison world, but we knew how he could escape, so I’m of the belief that he made his way to Triad Industries and freed himself just in time, but we won’t know until we, well, know.

Another character whose exit feels too convenient for him to be gone forever is Nick Fink’s Ryan Clarke. I mean, he has so many links to Malivore, and while he appears human, we know he’s actually at least part gollum. He is made of mud by his father, so, even though he lost his head, I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of him.

Oh, and how about the new sheriff and her kids? We saw so very little of them after Hope was restored to everyone’s memories. The siblings were supposed to both be interested in Hope and the sheriff was definitely supposed to be a love interest for Alaric. It feels like we barely cracked the surface with all three of them, so I hope we get a chance to catch back up with them in the final four post-poned Legacies episodes.

And obviously we have to bring Hope and Landon back from their respective slumbers

This is Legacies, not Sleeping Beauty, but I have a feeling that those final four episodes aren’t going to leave both Hope and Landon in their unconscious states for long. So, after maybe one episode or so, they have to return to the land of the waking. It certainly seemed like Hope was stuck in Josie’s subconscious, since she was turned to stone before Josie defeated her own darkness, but we don’t really have a great explanation as to why Landon hasn’t woken yet.

When and why will Josie take her powers back?

I’m guessing it’s going to be in the actual season finale. That seems like a very finale-ish thing to do. To have her spend 3 episodes apart from her powers, only to have her take them back just in time to save everyone. I think this is especially poignant since Josie was the one to get shot in the Legacies season 1 finale. It would be a nice twist if she was the one to save the day this time.

Did we miss anything? Let us know what you think we’ll see in the postponed ‘Legacies’ episodes!

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