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‘Legacies’ season 1 mid-season finale review: Hope gets an answer, we have more questions

Julie Plec and company saved one hell of an episode for Legacies to wrap up with for 2018. Hope played a major role and got an answer she never realized she needed.

The first six episodes of Legacies were all building to this one. We’ve seen dragons and gargoyles, arachnae, dryads, zombies, and finally, the necromancer. If you’ve ever watched a supernatural show before, you’ve probably heard of necromancy. Just as Alaric, Dorian, and Hope kept finding, necromancers pop up left and right in just about every type of supernatural story, legend, book, movie, and folksong, a fact that “the NECROMANCER!” definitely didn’t take very well.

I loved that he used to be legendary, but thanks to whomever or whatever locked Malivore away, no one knows his name. Imagine for a second that a very powerful witch locked Voldemort away at the height of his power, and then used an even more powerful dark force against him to erase his deeds from everyone’s minds. He’d be every bit as furious as “the NECROMANCER!”

We’ll get back to that Necromancer guy in a second, but this episode truly starts with Rafael’s dead girlfriend, Cassie, waltzing into the Salvatore Boarding School without so much as a shocked whisper… until Raf recognizes her.

Cassie is merely the next attempt the Necromancer is making to get his hands on the knife, but, ultimately, he gives Raf a chance to confront the ugly truth surrounding Cassie’s death. He didn’t just take the curve too fast in a storm. He was in a blind rage thanks to that heightened sense of anger that comes with having the lycanthropy gene. Cassie and him have a few lovely moments of forgiveness together before she stands to soak up the sun. While this is just as tough for him to endure as seeing Jo was for Alaric, I think it will go a long way for helping Raf to make peace with the accident and move forward with his new, supernatural life.

Okay, so back to our good buddy “the NECROMANCER!” Hope gets tired of waiting for Alaric to pull some answers out of the latest monster, so she takes matters into her own hands. She takes a few books down to the “werewolf transition space” Mr. Necromancer is currently inhabiting to let him see for himself how unimportant he is to supernatural history.

His anger over his fate allows Hope to open up a fairly straightforward dialogue with him, ending with him allowing her to take a trip through his memories courtesy of a little vampy-visiting woo woo (thanks MG!).

Mr. Necromancer taunts Hope with visions of her former home, taking her first to Rousseau’s, then to the raucous streets of New Orleans in full celebration mode, all the while tempting her to follow him deeper into his subconscious with the promise of news about what Klaus’ afterlife looks like. I can’t say that hearing Klaus’ name come out of the Necromancer’s mouth wasn’t jarring, but the promise of information about what happened to the murderous Mikaelson was far too enticing to manage waiting through commercials.

While the episode may have lingered in the Necromancer’s subconscious a little too long, it did give Hope time to truly consider what being alone for the rest of her life could really be like, not to mention it allowed the Necromancer to tell us a whole lot about Malivore, the knife, and what we will probably be facing in the rest of Legacies season 1.

You see, the Necromancer returned to the scene of his death and found out that he was killed with the very knife that’s been causing all this trouble. He went on to say that the knife-maker was the one who killed him, and that man gave some pretty interesting information regarding Malivore. You see, Malivore, the dark pit itself, was created to “wipe the supernatural scourge from this earth.” Malivore means permanent death. Decades ago, someone locked Malivore away using 3 very specific keys. The first of these keys is… (Dun, dun, DUN!!) our knife.

Things quickly spiral from there as we see that the Necromancer used Cassie to fetch the knife from the library where Dorian hid it before leaving for his one day off a year. She took it with her when she made peace with Raf, and as soon as he left her to enjoy the sunlight, a Bennett witch spirit arrived to transport the knife to the imprisoned Malivore. At the very end of the episode we see the key be absorbed by a tar-thick, black, gelatinous goo. So, yeah, the first lock is open, and now we have to start from scratch with the last two keys.

As for that Klaus-related information the Necromancer kept dangling over Hope’s head like a carrot, I think it’s best to just let the Necromancer’s words speak for themselves: “As for your father, he watches over you every day. He did die with love in his heart. And he doesn’t regret his choice. But he won’t find peace until you do. Good luck with that.” (It’s okay if you cried a little. We certainly did.)

And in the episode’s final moments, we see Hope’s watch glow, signaling that Landon Kirby has gotten himself into a spot of trouble. Perfect.

Oh, and we also got a storyline where Kaleb takes MG to feel on folks. Turns out MG may be a Ripper. That will definitely complicate things in the future. More on that later.

So, yeah. There you go. We must now anxiously wait for January 24 to see what happened to Landon and begin the search for the next two keys. Oh, and possibly figure out what the hell kind of tie Landon has to that knife/Malivore/that creepy symbol. Make sure to check out the trailer for a taste of what we can expect when the show returns!

What did you think of ‘Legacies’ 1×07? Did you like hearing about what Klaus is up to in the afterlife?

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