Meet Oliver Kieran-Jones, the actor playing Kurt’s new love interest at NYADA. This story reminds us of when Grant Gustin’s character Sebastian wedged his way into Kurt and Blaine’s relationship on Glee. This time though, the tables are turned.

Though the character named Adam was in a scene in an episode a couple weeks ago entitled “Sadie Hawkins” when he was seen with the Adam’s Apples singing group, he’s set to appear in at least two more episodes in the near future.

“I think of Adam as kind of having a Shallow Hal type of complex,” he explains in a new interview with Billboard. “He sees the innate potential in people, he sees what’s on the inside not the outside. He’s made a very conscious spiritual life decision to have glass half full and enjoy life at every opportunity. His glee club is not about competition or winning sectionals, it not about competing or about who’s the best singer or who’s the best looking. It’s about who’s got the most spirit and who can have the most fun.”

If things don’t work out between Kurt and Adam, Kieran-Jones hopes the characters can be friends “because that’s real life. And I really hope the Apples come back, they’re brilliant,” he says. “I filmed last week a lot with Lea and Naya, and Chris. I get on really well with them, and also Dean, who plays Brody. When I first got the job I went to The Glee Project concert at the Roxy and met quite a few of them there, like Blake. It’s strange because you are split into two casts so naturally you don’t see the other cast as much because you’re not on the set at the same time.”

It’ll be interesting to see where the relationship goes. Kieran-Jones says Kurt is really torn between Adam and Blaine, but Adam will at least not be pressuring Kurt to make any decisions.

Is Adam a good choice for Kurt, or should this ‘ship end?

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