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9 Korean variety shows to stream this summer

If you’re tired of the same old variety shows, turn your attention to some of the hilarious Korean variety shows available to stream anytime!

You’ve probably already heard of K-Pop and K-Dramas, but did you know that Korea also has amazing variety shows as well? From competitions, challenges, survival shows, and inside looks of idols’ lives — there’s something for everyone!

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Here are some of our favorite Korean variety shows to stream:

‘Running Man’

Running Man is a very popular Korean variety show and for good reason! The show stars Yu Jae Seok, Kim Jong Kook, Haha, Jee Seok Jin, Song Ji Hyo, Lee Kwang Soo, Jeon So Min, and Yang Se Chan. Along with special guests who have included the likes of BTS, Ryan Reynolds, and other South Korean celebrities!

In each episode of Running Man, the cast competes against each other to win hilarious challenges. Not only are viewers entertained by the various races that they take part in, but also in the cast’s antics as they try to win.

‘Home Alone’

Home Alone (also known as I Live Alone) is another popular Korean variety show that features Jun Hyun Moo, Park Na Rae, Han Hye Jin, and Lee Si Eon as the hosts. The show gives viewers an inside look at the everyday lives of popular celebrities in South Korean.

The footage of Home Alone is intimate and allows you to see the special guests as they go about their daily lives getting ready, eating, going out, and more! Along with fun commentary from the hosts!

‘Ask Us Anything’

Ask Us Anything is a Korean variety show featuring an all-male cast of hosts — Kang Ho Dong, Seo Jang Hoon, Kim Young Chul, Lee Soo Geun, Kim Hee Chul, Min Kyung Hoon, and Lee Sang Min. The show is also commonly known as Knowing Bros or Men on a Mission.

The show explores a high school concept where the variety show hosts act as students at the school, and the special guests are incoming students who introduce themselves. The show is popular amongst Korean celebrities for the fun nature of the program, and even BTS has appeared on Ask Us Anything!

‘King of Mask Singer’

Before Masked Singer hit the states, King of Mask Singer reigned in South Korea as a popular singing variety show. The show features singers that wear masks to hide their true identity while the judges try to figure out who might be behind the mask and vote for winners.

The show helps singers to show of their true talents without the prejudices that people might have against them. BTS’ maknae Jungkook appeared on King of Mask Singer, as well as Ryan Reynolds.

‘Idol Star Athletics Championships’

The Idol Star Athletics Championships (also known as ISAC) brings toghether popular K-Pop groups to compete against each other in various athletic competitions! Watch as the singers try their hand at sports like archery, pitching, track, and more!

The 2020 Idol Star Athletics Championships included 44 all-star teams including SEVENTEEN, MONSTA X, OH MY GIRL, ITZY, MAMAMOO, LOONA, SF9, VICTON, and more!

‘After School Club’

For international K-Pop fans, After School Club is a gem. The hosts speak both English and Korean, and fans are also invited to interact with their favorites through social media.

After School Club allows fans to join in on the fun via video chats in Google Hangout, tweeting questions, sharing comments on Facebook, and lets them request music videos they want to see.

It is hosted by Park Jimin (Jamie) of 15&, Han Heejun, and Park Yuri of JxR.

‘Law of the Jungle’

If you’re a fan of survival shows, Law of the Jungle might be the one for you. The show is hosted by comedian Kim Byung Man and invites special guest celebrities to join in.

Law of the Jungle brings the stars to work together to complete missions and survive the exotic locations they’re brought to. Fans get to watch as their favorite celebrities hunt and prepare their own meals and build their own shelters.

‘The Manager’

The Manager gives an inside look at the working relationship between celebrities and their managers. The cameras follow them around on their schedules while the hosts comment on what they see.

Lee Yeong Ja, Jun Hyun Moo, Song Eun I, Yang Se Hyeong, and Yoo Byung Jae serve as the hosts who each specialize in their own areas.

‘Weekly Idol’

Weekly Idol is a fun variety show that focuses on K-Pop! Idols come on the show to show off their talents through fun challenges while answering questions from the host.

The show recently revamped itself and brought on new hosts which has breathed new life into the series.

Where to watch Korean variety shows:

All of these Korean variety shows are available to stream on Rakuten Viki! The streaming service features content from across Asia including Korea, Japan, Mainland China, and Taiwan. Rakuten Viki offers free content with advertising, as well as paid subscription plans for even more content.

Most of these shows are also available on Youtube, though they are often broken into smaller clips for quick viewing!

What is your favorite Korean variety show to stream?

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