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Where to find the ‘Knives Out’ sweaters at an affordable price

The Knives Out sweaters were just as great as the story. Here’s where you can buy them at affordable prices!

Knives Out ’s twisting, funny, shocking story blew me away — and so did the incredible coziness of all the characters’ sweaters. Of course, my first thought was “Where can I buy all of these??”

Unfortunately, most of the results you find online cite sweaters that cost many hundreds of dollars — sometimes even a couple of thousand! And as much as I love Knives Out , there’s no way I’m ever spending that much on a sweater. So I’ve compiled a much more affordable list, which will hopefully add some delightful cozy drama to this cold, dark season.

Some spoilers below!

Ransom’s white sweater

knives out sweater chris evans
This is the big one that everyone’s talking about. Chris Evans might have inspired an entire generation with this beautiful soft sweater. But if you want to buy it, most sites will give you ridiculously expensive options — like, $2000 or more.

But don’t worry, you can still get yourself — or your friend, family member, or your significant other — a sweater that looks just like Chris Evan’s Knives Out sweater. This sweater on Amazon is between $85 and $160… which isn’t all that bad for this level of quality.

Marta’s cream sweater

knives out sweater ana de armas
But let’s not let Ransom’s cream sweater make us overlook all the others, especially Marta’s amazing cream sweater. Ana de Armas herself got upset when fans ignored her gorgeous sweater in favor of Chris Evans’, just because they were sitting across from each other during that fateful dinner.

You can get a very similar sweater at Zalora for $58!

Marta’s purple cardigan

knives out sweater marta purple
The perfect cardigan to wear while being interrogated by a detective: it’s sturdy, knitted, and makes you feel safe, even if you actually had a hand in the murder yourself!

Amazon has a very pretty lookalike for this Knives Out sweater for about $15 (although the knitting pattern is a little different). There’s also a similar one with buttons at ASOS for $37 (with free shipping!).

Ransom’s blue sweater

knives out sweater blue chris evans
It may not be the famous sweater, but everything Chris Evans wears in this movie is great. This blue sweater seems ridiculously soft, so soft that I noticed it even during the Big Reveal at the end of the film.

You can find this ‘extra fine lambswool’ sweater at Marks & Spencer for around $45 and look like the most best-dressed attempted-murderer ever.

Meg’s coat

knives out sweater meg
Meg’s pushover personality may be annoying as she forsakes her morals to pursue her own interests, but her fuzzy coat in Knives Out is something you could wear to any occasion — even if it’s give an empty apology to a friend you’ve betrayed.

This Aztec-print coat is similar enough, although it isn’t hooded as Meg’s seems to be, and it’s available on Amazon for only $12 (shipping not included).

Jacob’s cricket sweater

knives out sweater jacob
You may not be craving to dress like little neo-Nazi Jacob, but maybe you really liked this Knives Out sweater. Of course, in true privileged rich boy fashion, this sweater is filthy expensive… it’s almost $300 at Ralph Lauren.

But if you’re looking for something a little more affordable, here’s a very similar sweater on Amazon for only $26! You would just have to… color in the pink yourself?

We won’t judge you if you wear this sweater, even if it was worn by one of the more annoying characters. It looks cozy (and without the pink, you can combine it with many different colors!).

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