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‘Kiss Me’ book review: An LA girl finds home in the most unlikely place

Kiss Me by Susan Mallery is the perfect weekend read with warmth, humor, and hot cowboys. Need we say more?

Kiss Me Susan Mallery

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Phoebe Kitzke is a good girl, with good intentions, and with bad luck. After being orphaned at the age of seven, she struggled to really fit in anywhere. Which caused her to always want to help others, even when it wasn’t good for her. So when Phoebe’s boss pleads for her to cover up a mistake, and risk losing her real estate license, Phoebe agrees. This means that she’s suspended from work, with weeks of nothing to do but wonder if her helping ways have gone too far.

But for best friend Maya Farlow, it’s good timing as she needs help back on her family’s ranch. Maya’s scheming, younger step-brother managed to create a website offering a cattle drive vacation at the ranch, and now his older brother Zane is going through with it to teach the boy a lesson. So now Maya and Phoebe are on their way to join along for some good old fashioned cowboy fun.

What Phoebe wasn’t expecting was to fall for Zane, the rugged yet quiet cowboy who admittedly has a dark past when it comes to relationships. Will the two be able to get through their troubles together?

‘Kiss Me’ book review:

If you’re looking for a romance novel, with a little something extra, Kiss Me is an excellent read. Phoebe is easily lovable, with her pennant to help others, and relatable personality. An added bonus is that she enjoys talking to animals, which offers comic relief to the deeper emotions of the novel.

Zane is a cowboy who likes to run his ranch the old fashioned way — the same way it’s been run for generations. But instead of living the typical family lifestyle, he’s been raising his brother since his parents died. And that meant making some questionable choices in his love life. With everything that he’s been through, Zane is understandably not looking for romance. But he can’t help feeling a pull towards Phoebe that will have the readers sighing with happiness.

One of the things we loved most about Kiss Me was the extra stories of the town people that come with it. Like the two crazy elderly ladies Eddie and Gladys from town who sign up for the cattle drive because they want to see some cowboys with their shirts off.

The sweetest story of all might be Thad and C.J. who’ve had difficulty conceiving a child. When they turned towards adoption, nothing seemed to work out right. Now they’re agreed to take two foster children on the cattle drive. Tommy and Lucy have had their own problems, and at such a young age, it’s easy to see why they don’t immediately jump into a tight bond with Thad and C.J. Watching the four of them grow together, is another type of love story all of it’s own.

Kiss Me by Susan Mallery is on sale now. Add it to your Goodreads list, or purchase it from Amazon or IndieBound.

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