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‘Katy Keene’ season 1, episode 9 review: What makes a dream?

Katy Keene season 1, episode 9 is one of the best episodes of the show.

Katy Keene season 1, episode 9, breaks things down a little and gives viewers an uninterrupted look at Katy, Josie, and Jorge’s lives, which is honestly quite refreshing and makes for one of the series’ strongest episodes.

Katy Keene season 1, episode 9, is the most structured episode of the series so far, which is largely because three of the four main characters get time that’s strictly dedicated to their stories. It’s such a refreshing change of pace because things on Katy Keene often feel a bit scrambled and messy.

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So, in the future, I wouldn’t mind if the series did this with every episode, honestly.

Surprisingly, my only complaint is that there was not nearly enough of Pepper, who is the character that gets the short end of the screen time stick far too often.

This is the third or fourth episode (out of nine) where Pepper is left out in the cold when she’s the most interesting and complex (and least developed) of the bunch. Rectify this immediately!

‘Katy Keene’ season 1, episode 9 review

Katy Keene season 1, episode 9

Honestly, Katy Keene season 1, episode 9, rivals episode 5 as my favorite of the series. This episode feels like the first episode set in the real world, as Katy, Josie, and Jorge all experience the difficulties of normal life in New York City.

Katy’s struggle with her new job and a difficult boss, Josie struggling to be herself when those in charge of her dreams are pushing her down, and Jorge contemplating a threesome with Buzz and Bernardo, this episode just felt like almost exactly what I want to see from Katy Keene.

Katy and Guy

Katy Keene season 1, episode 9

On Katy Keene season 1, episode 9, Lucy Hale’s Katy begins her apprenticeship with Guy LaMontagne, which is much harder than she anticipated.

Seeing Katy experience normal troubles at work feels so unique to the Archieverse, and it’s a shame because it does provide a great, relatable story for Katy. Things like this need to happen more often, so we can just see what these characters are like in the real world.

I never thought it would come to this, but I actually prefer Gloria as Katy’s boss, and she’s continuously treated Katy terribly and passed her over for a promotion that she should have gotten.

Guy, at work, is like a demon, and I cannot believe that from the looks of the trailer for the next episode, Katy kisses Guy after how he’s treated her. What does that say about her self-esteem and self-respect? She has none?

While I’m potentially going to be disappointed by what’s to come, I thoroughly enjoyed Katy’s story on this episode.

Getting time to just talk with Pepper, seeing this blossoming mentorship with Gloria, and her rough waters with her new boss (Guy), this made for an amazing story, shining a light on Katy’s insecurities and determination. Why is it so hard to tell stories like this?

Josie and the Pussycats

Likewise to Katy, Josie’s story on Katy Keene season 1, episode 9, is potentially my favorite of the season so far. It’s refreshing to see Josie stand up for herself, stand up to Alex’s dad, and risk everything she’s done in New York, on herself.

Going forward with putting the band back together, with people she wanted to make music with, was the most that this Josie has felt like the person we expected her to be after Riverdale.

Though I wish she would have reunited with Val and Melody, these new Pussycats also seem interesting. But most of all, I’m really excited to see Josie move forward with her dream on her own terms.

Working with the Cabots has really set her back, and while Alex is still involved as her manager, it’s time for Josie to take matters into her own hands.

That said, I’m really not a fan of Alex and the influence he has on Josie. He’s taken over her life, and he almost took over her entire story on this episode.

Josie feels like a pawn in Alex’s story to prove himself to his father, rather than Alex being a supporting member of Josie’s story. He drags Josie down with every episode, so I think it’s time for him to go. He’s not the epic love interest that the show makes him out to be.

Jorge and Pepper

Can I just say again how refreshingly normal Katy Keene season 1, episode 9 was? It’s so nice for things to slow down and to see a more realistic side of their lives.

Jorge’s friendship with Buzz makes for an interesting threesome with Bernardo, and I think Jorge’s going to see some consequences of going down this route without really talking it through with Bernardo first.

There wasn’t really anything wrong with what Jorge woke up to (Bernardo cuddling with Buzz)… except for his jealousy. Jorge didn’t really think about how he would feel to see Bernardo involved with someone else because he was driven by his lust for Buzz.

That said, this was just a fun story about the dramatized realities of a relationship between two men.

As for Pepper, did she say wife?

Pepper gets more interesting with every passing episode, and though she didn’t have a huge role on Katy Keene season 1, episode 9, the glimpses we saw of her with each of her friends made the episode so much better.

The writers don’t take advantage of Julia Chan nearly enough, as Pepper is the character left out the most from the group, when she is consistently the most entertaining.

Her life is a damn mystery, and we’re close to the season finale and just keep finding out more that we had no idea about. The tragedy of the writers leaving out Pepper has to stop, immediately.

‘Katy Keene’ season 1, episode 9, final thoughts

Katy Keene season 1, episode 9, as I said before, is one of my favorites of the season so far. Katy, Jorge, and Josie each had their time to shine, and these much more simple (but still dramatic) stories allowed for us to really see the characters, their desires, and the issues at hand…. and, you know, be able to relate to them!

Katy Keene will thrive if the characters are actually relatable and the writers tone down this satirical, nonsensical version of New York City to accomplish this. The story can still be crazy, dramatic, and perfect for the Archieverse without losing that aspect, like they have almost all season.

Katy Keene airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW!

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