10:00 am EDT, April 1, 2017

Katherine Heigl is returning to ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

After a string of failed television shows, Katherine Heigl has decided to return to Grey’s Anatomy to play Izzie Stevens.

Ever since Katherine Heigl left the hit series, Grey’s Anatomy her career has been on a downward slope. At first, she had mild success in films like Knocked Up, The Ugly Truth, and Life as We Know It. But it seemed like her reputation for bad mouthing her projects continued to follow her and projects started to slow down.

In 2014, Heigl attempted to return to television with State of Affairs. Yet, the CIA drama failed to draw in viewers and the series only lasted 13 episodes.This year, Heigl tried again with Doubt. The show did stir up some healthy buzz thanks to Laverne Cox being cast as the first transgender regular in a major television network. Even that wasn’t enough to save a show though.


Now it looks like Heigl will be returning to the one show that people actually want to see her on. Grey’s Anatomy will be welcoming back Dr. Izzie Stevens to stir up trouble with her former friends. With a big question mark looming over Alex and Jo’s relationship it looks like Izzie will causing even more tension.

Shonda Rhimes commented on Heigl’s return by saying, “You know it’s a tricky situation, on the one hand we have this drama behind the scenes which I don’t have the time for but on the other hand we have this character that fans keep wanting to see back on the screen. At some point you just have to put the creative material before any personal matters. We’re excited to mix Izzie back in with the rest of the doctors and see how it will affect the dynamic of the relationships that have developed with her there.”

It was obvious that it took Alex a long tome to get over Izzie’s betrayal, especially since they never got closure. So will her sudden return remind him of his former love for her? Or is it too late for them?

Heigl herself hasn’t commented on the return to the hit show, but maybe it’s better that way. Since Grey’s Anatomy has been losing the original actors left and right, it will be exciting to see another one return to the show!

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