Justin Bieber has released the first song from his forthcoming album titled “Heartbreaker.”

The debut kicks off a ten-week “#MusicMondays” campaign by Bieber during which he’ll release a new song once every seven days between now and December.

“Heartbreaker” can be listened to below, or by grabbing it on iTunes for $1.29.

At over four minutes in length, Bieber’s “Heartbreaker” is a slow song that will surely appease diehard fans who are looking for fresh sounds from their favorite young artist:

“Girl you see me standing here, standing in the rain,” sings Bieber in “Heartbreaker.” He continues, “You say that you don’t want to talk, but I’ve been thinking about you all day long hoping you’d pick up your phone. I’ve got a secret place we can go, cause I really want to be alone. Baby no one else has got it all.”

Promoting the new song ever so briefly, Bieber tweeted that his new collection of songs is very personal. “You will know my words, my heart,” he said about the new album Sunday evening.

Bieber’s next album still does not have a release date nor title but will be the follow up to his 2012 album “Believe” and its spinoff “Believe Acoustic.”

Producer Scooter Braun says the decision to release new Bieber songs for ten weeks in a row was made to help keep the star away from the negative media spotlight.

“Heartbreaker” is definitely not your typical pop song and will appeal mostly to fans of the singer. What do you think of the new track?

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