8:00 am EDT, October 1, 2012

Jonas Brothers tease ‘Meet You In Paris’ on ‘Married to Jonas’ [Listen]

The Jonas Brothers previewed a new song titled “Meet You In Paris” during Sunday’s episode of Married to Jonas.

The “Burnin’ Up” singers have been back in the studio recording their upcoming fifth studio album, and a short clip from a recording session aired on Kevin and Danielle Jonas’ reality show.

Earlier in the season, E! released a preview for the show’s first season showing the JoBros writing the lyrics to “Meet You In Paris.”

“I’ll meet you in Paris/ Somewhere in dreamland come to life/ that smile you’re wearing/ keeps me believing, keeps me alive/ We’ll be the kings and queens/ of our broken scenes/ I’ll meet you in Paris,” reads the document on Nick’s laptop.

Kevin has been feeling the pressure to make great music for the band’s first album since 2009’s Lines, Vines and Trying Times.

“Playing music is what makes me who I am. If I’m not great and if this album’s not great, what does that say about us?” Kevin said on the show.

As the band told MTV during the iHeartRadio Music Festival earlier this month, a new single is due very soon.

“Luckily, we’re in a position where we get to decide if we wanted to [release the single] tonight, but I think we’re kind of lining it up to our show we have at Radio City coming up very soon, so it should be around that time,” Joe said.

The trio mirrored those comments at dinner with manager Johnny Wright on Sunday’s episode of Married to Jonas, noting that their Radio Music Hall comeback show Oct. 11 (10/11/12) is an easy date to remember.

If they stick to those plans, we may have new JoBros music from the trio in 11 days.

Married to Jonas airs Sundays on E!.

Thanks to DaSweetie for capturing the video.

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