John Green to interview President Obama this week

12:30 pm EST, February 12, 2013

The Fault in Our Stars author John Green announced this morning that he’ll interview President Barack Obama in a live Google+ Hangout this Thursday.

Details are scarce – for example, we don’t know if Green will be in the same room as Obama or if he’ll be speaking to him digitally (we have an e-mail in to his agent to find out) – but we do know it’s taking place at 4:50 PM ET on February 14. Here is Green’s original tweet about the news:


Update: Green has released a video where he talks about this opportunity as well as meeting people you look up to…

Questions for President Obama (sorry, no questions for Green this time) are being accepted on The White House’s YouTube page. At that same link you’re able to vote up questions to help them be posed to the President.

The “Fireside Chat” is being conducted as part of the President’s State of the Union address, which is being given tonight to the United States Congress. The address is being broadcast live on all major networks beginning at 9 PM ET/6 PM PT.

It’s a long shot, but we hope Green closes his interview with, “Mr. President, don’t forget to be awesome.”

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