As she was cuddled up in bed last night (our assumption), Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling answered a few questions for fans on Twitter.

The biggest news out of her slew of tweets was that there are many students at Hogwarts that practice religions other than Christianity, a topic that’s been brought up in the fan community many times over the years due to the series’ occasional references to only the Christian faith.

Her reason for no Wiccans? Based on this follow up tweet on Wednesday, it sounds like Rowling can’t imagine the two types of magic intersecting:

After being asked whether or not there are Jewish students at Hogwarts, Rowling specifically named one of her original 40 characters in Harry’s year:

The following morning, Rowling added that Anthony Goldstein is not the sole Jewish person at Hogwarts:

She also voiced her support for LGBT students at Hogwarts:

And she pushed off a question about what Horcrux she would want to have because, you know, THEY’RE HORCRUXES.

Finally, Rowling revealed her favorite quote from the Harry Potter books:

It was an exciting evening for Harry Potter fans who have come to love Rowling’s presence on Twitter. As of today, she’s penned 400 tweets.

Goodnight, Jo!

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