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‘Jessica Jones’: What’s next for a potential season 3?

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Jessica Jones‘ second season finale set up some interesting plot points moving forward for the Netflix show. We break down how they could shake out when the series – inevitably – returns.

Always forward…

All of the Marvel Netflix shows have a similar “lone hero” narrative running through their core. Jessica Jones has certainly not been the exception to that.

Despite having Trish, and Malcolm, on her side, she still kept them at arms length through most of season 2. That shifted, somewhat, after being reunited with her mother and developing a relationship with her super, Oscar Arocho.

Even with the fractures in her relationships with Trish and Malcolm, the former one that Jessica “ended” for very understandable reasons, she still chose to move forward with her newest ally, Oscar.

Whether Oscar will still be in Jessica’s life when season 3 eventually hits our screens is less certain. However, it sets Jessica on a path that could allow her rely on and open up to others in her life. That could be Oscar, or, more in line with her eventual comic book future with Luke Cage. Either way, they’re huge steps forward for Jessica. Ones that could change the the make up of how she operates in season 3 and beyond.


A large chuck of the IGH plot line was wrapped up in Jessica Jones season 2. With both Malus and Alisa gone, and other major players of the experiments similarly disposed of, there are few avenues left to dig up.

Except, as we discovered, Jessica was not the only one to receive enhanced abilities at Malus’ hands.

The Whizzer was just one of many, many experiments that could be unearthed over the course of future season of Jessica Jones. And, though a number of them will likely lead normal, conflict free lives, it is also equally as likely that one of them could turn out to be an antagonist.

Even with his focus squarely on Alisa, Malus showed that his desire for scientific discovery, and continuing his work, was not easily sated. It was, after all, what lead to Trish Walker gaining her own “powers.” She may have held Malus at gunpoint, but he ultimately didn’t need the forceful persuasion. It wouldn’t be much of a stretch to imagine that his experiments never really ended.

So, just how many powered people are out there?

Trish Walker a.k.a. Hellcat

Trish Walker’s story in season 2 took a drastic turn. It left some people conflicted about her character, especially as she was a fan favorite heading into the season.

However you feel about Trish Walker now, one thing that is for certain is that she will see further shake ups to her life when Jessica Jones returns. Under the hands of Malus, she ultimately got what she always wanted: powers.

So, Hellcat, her Marvel comics alter-ego, is on the cards for the character. But, with Jessica cutting ties due to Trish’s hand in her mother’s death, and Malcolm moving on due to her manipulations, Trish will be exploring those powers alone.

Without a support network in place, and with her mother back in her life, things might continue to get worse before they get better.

Hogarth and Associates

Another character making a fresh start, so to speak, is Jeri Hogarth. She split from Hogarth, Chao and Benowitz and started her own firm: Jeryn Hogarth and Associates. With her biggest client still on the books in the form of Rand Enterprises, there’s no doubt that she will continue her formidable success.

What is less certain is exactly what Hogarth has planned for her new partnership with Pryce Cheng and Malcolm. It could be assumed that they will do the “dirty work” that she cannot be associated with, but what if it was more than that?

For inexplicable reasons, even post-Defenders, the Marvel Netflix shows are still dancing around the main four’s connection to each other. It doesn’t bode well for Luke Cage and Danny Rand’s eventual team up, but what if this is their way of incorporating Heroes for Hire?

Hogarth oversaw the Heroes for Hire in the comics, so perhaps Pryce Cheng and Malcolm will pick up the moniker in the Netflix universe. Stranger things have happened, after all, as they’ve continued to adapt the source material.

What stories would you like to see when Jessica Jones returns?

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