10:00 pm EDT, October 10, 2015

Here’s what we learned from ‘Jessica Jones’ episode 1

No spoilers!

Today at the Marvel/Netflix panel fans were treated to the first episode of Jessica Jones, and they were not disappointed in the latest Marvel/Netflix venture.

Krysten Ritter is a badass

Krysten Ritter may not be the first person one thinks of when talking about superheroes, but she is perfect for the role of Jessica Jones.

The character is equal parts sardonic and vulnerable. Ritter manages to make all facets of the character equally interesting and grounded in the terrible history she keeps hidden from almost everyone. Throughout the first episode we get glimpses of Jones’ abilities, and just how she uses them.

The influence of executive producer and writer Melissa Rosenberg is clear: Jessica Jones is full of multi-layered, strong female characters.

David Tennant is terrifying

David Tennant is essentially the villain in this series, and he doesn’t disappoint. He plays Kilgrave, an evil, manipulative man who was involved in the downfall of Jessica Jones.

The first episode gives us a clear picture of what Kilgrave is capable of, even though he isn’t seen all that much. It will be interesting to see how Tennant develops the character throughout the season.

Jessica and Luke have chemistry

Even though Luke Cage will have his own series, you really can’t tell the story of Jessica Jones without introducing Luke Cage, given their shared future in the comics.

Ritter and Mike Colter balance out each other well. Each is damaged in their own way, but when they come together, sparks fly. Both are layered, complicated characters that have a lot of issues to work out. It will be interesting to see how their relationship unfolds throughout the season.

‘Jessica Jones’ is filled with strong females

We all know that Jessica is a superhero, but this show is filled with strong female characters in various roles.

First there is Carrie Anne Moss, who is playing the role of Jerri Hogarth, originally a male character in the comics. Hogarth is a powerful lawyer who uses Jessica for her investigative services, and of course she has some secrets of her own.

Then there is Trish, whom Jessica has a complicated relationship with. Trish is a radio personality who is aware of Jessica’s past, and that knowledge damages their relationship.

Lastly there is Hope, who we can’t say much about except that she has her work cut out for her as a character. By the end of the first episode, Hope is a character people will want to know more about.

‘Jessica Jones’ will be available on Netflix from November 20.

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