2:00 pm EST, January 3, 2019

Check out the gorgeous new look for Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Lux series and a new app!

We’ve got good news for fans of Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Lux series. New covers and an intriguing new way to keep the series you love alive and experience in a whole new way.

So, have we all recovered from The Darkest Star yet? I know it’s been a couple months, but I can’t stop thinking about all things Luc and Evie. If you could use a little dose of Lux series to feed your addiction, you won’t want to miss the all new covers!

I mean, we all love those original ones, but, personally, I think this new look takes the Lux series to a new level. I love the silhouette style and it lends a whole new level of mystery to this series that definitely has being mysterious in its DNA.

Check out these covers. Take a long look. Then keep reading for an exciting announcement that will give the Lux series a whole new lease on life.

Check out the Lux covers all new look!

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Have you recovered, yet? Good. Because you’ll want to have your wits about you when you read the great news yet to come. Check out an all new way to experience the Lux books you already love.

Need more Lux? You’re in luck!

Because I know we all wish we could constantly experience our favorite books in new ways over and over again, it pleases me so much to be able to share a whole new way to dive back into the Lux series. Check out this official announcement from Crazy Maple Studios!

Crazy Maple Studios is developing a Chapters: Interactive video game based on Jennifer Armentrout’s #1 New York Times bestselling series, it will launch 3/25/19.

Chapters is an interactive storytelling game (Choose Your Own Adventure-like) that lets each player choose how the story unfolds. Crazy Apple licenses novels from published authors, then adapts them into Visual Novels — illustrated narratives with decision points.

“We were so excited to be given the chance to adapt The Lux series,” Joey Jia, Chapters CEO. “I believe Armentrout’s writing effortlessly translates to adaptation and sets the standard on what young adult romance should be.”

With over 10 million downloads and 3 million monthly active users Chapters is the largest romance visual novel platform.

So start your countdowns to March 25, 2019, and dive back into the Lux world with the new interactive app. It’ll be a great way to refresh your Lux series knowledge as we all anxiously await the next Origin book, The Burning Shadow, which is still a long wait away.

How excited are you to see the Lux series developed in this new way?

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