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Jennifer isn’t ready to be a hero on ‘Black Lightning’ season 2

By Jay Ruymann | Edited by Donya Abramo

Now thinking of her powers as a “gift from God,” Jennifer Pierce is ready to embrace the other side of herself and all that comes with it. But is she ready for this heroic responsibility?

It appears Jennifer Pierce may be digging into her powers for Black Lightning season 2, but is Jennifer ready for the burden of being a vigilante/hero?

As a 17-year-old high school student who’s just discovering herself and what she wants from life, Jennifer already has the extra weight of discovering her capabilities and limits with these dangerous powers she’s been gifted. By itself, Jennifer has more to deal with than anyone could reasonably be expected to.

Unlike her sister, Anissa had more years of her life to come to terms with where she wanted her life to lead, and discovering her powers only made Anissa’s wishes for her future stronger because she has another chance to help people less fortunate than herself and help Freeland.

Black Lightning season 2

Jennifer is at a disadvantage from her powers developing so young, and she’s much more dangerous than either her father or Anissa. In the comics, Jennifer’s powers are so strong and uncontrollable that her hair is always red with the lightning she’s producing.

Thus far in Lightning’s comic book history, she’s been unable to fully control her powers and Jennifer already seems to be experiencing this issue.

What we’ve seen of Jennifer’s powers has been the result of her emotions: she’s been scared, angry and devastated, and her powers kicked in, so much so that her electric powers enveloped her entire body in red lightning when she recharged Jefferson’s abilities on Black Lightning season 1, episode 13.

Jennifer is very dangerous and as much as she may want to help people, Jennifer’s powers are going to need much longer to develop and she’s going to have to work twice as hard as her sister to control her abilities, because she could seriously injure someone out in the field, if she steps out as a vigilante.

Additionally, Jennifer deserves the time to learn and thrive as a hero. But another reason she’s not ready to be a hero is because we’ve seen so little of Anissa and Jefferson as heroes that season 2 needs to focus more heavily on them, before another hero is introduced and they’re all left underdeveloped.

Black Lightning season 2

Before Jennifer is made into Freeland’s new hero, she needs some time to grow up and learn about her powers, triggers, and how unstable they are.

Going into the field before she’s ready could lead to someone’s death, and Jennifer couldn’t handle ending someone’s life being on her conscience. So, no, Jennifer isn’t quite ready to be a hero for season 2 (so, please, don’t go down that route, writers), but that’s not a bad thing.

Instead of watching another hero attempt to save the people before they’re ready and making messes everywhere, let Jennifer take her time to step out and be the hero Freeland deserves. Plus, there’s a lot to be done with Jennifer Pierce, so it’s really not necessary.

Black Lightning returns later this year on The CW!

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